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Control Kaleos:Controleos(S currently)

This is the Kaleos list im currently using(with an acceptable amount of succes).I started out with the lists that were posted in the ,april 18 power rankings, but couldn,t find succes with those.Its not realy because those lists are weaker but because they don,t fit my playstyle…i hate hitting face with my own general(almost never do it) and to end games fast.Insted i prefer the slow controlmatches where i grind me opponent down.This list is for those that don,t like aggro either

Let me explain some choices:
-AP insted of inner focus despite most stuff beeing under 4 attack:thats simply for the possibility of going for thunderhorn+AP.Its such a powerplay but in the end this is personal preference whenever you want the ability to go face or to be more effective at controlling(which is what im focused on)
-mystic and herald insted of aggresive 2 drops:those support my personal playstyle more,that of just outlasting the enemy.Given all the aggresiveness in the meta they are not objectively bad either
Wild tahr:isn,t getting nearly as much attention as it deserves in Kaleos lists.Even if your opponent doesn,t attack(which is value in itself),the frenezy+MDS+juxta+BBS make it easy to get tons of value out of wild tahr
No lantern fox:with bakezori (and to a lesser extend mindkage) your hand is of little concern…seriously,bakezori is a good card,allowing you to easyly sustatin your hand for the entire game.Given the high curve and the importance of the other 4 drops,i only put him to 2 though.
Eternity painter:amazing card,realy helps with the controlplan,can score tons of value
Spiral technique:great finisher

What do you think of the deck?What would you change?I would like EMP,but can,t find space.With suggestions,please keep in mind that this deck aims to control,not to go face as soon as possible

The deck looks awesome! I have been looking for a more “control” ish shonghai deck and your list seems like it will fit my playstyle :smiley: gonna give it a try letter and give more feedback then :wink:

It’s very similar to the one I run. Strong deck, I like it! When I will have access to a computer, I will tell you the differences…

Nice job :D. But isn’t this literally the midrange Kaleos list? It looks very similar to a midrange Kaleos deck I have, except I’m running the mech engine instead of the healing.

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