Control Deck Help


What is a good control deck consist of? This is what I have so far

Zirix or Sajj (is the double damage with falcius worth losing out of a lot of 2/2 minions)

3 Siphons
3 Pax
3 Entropic Decay
3 Aymara
2 Dominate Will
3 Cosmic Flesh
3 Healing Mystic
3 Ephemeral Shrouds
2 Keeper of the Value (just for some nasty Aymara Rez)

I am also thinking of getting some sunset paragons and rasha’s curse because it may fit a control style

Is Circle of Dessication also necessary?

I could also semi combine this with some Dervish cards to make a Dervish/Control hybrid

Thanks in advance


This is more or less what control Sajj looks like. There’s lots of variations but it’s all very similar in it’s core. Point is how despite you being a control deck, you don’t want to commit to the cause too much because it will hurt you more than it will help you as you will keep getting bad hands. That would be fine if the deck had a very clear wincon but it doesn’t.

When it comes to zirix, the idea is similar. But if you decide to go the devrish route maybe it’s best to stick with midrage instead as they’re all about pressure with obelysks rather than actual control. Even though I’m sure it shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate some dervish synergy in form of dunecasters and rashas in the deck.

When it comes to specific cards you asked about, I don’t even remember seeing Paragon once since the expansion. People seem to be focusing on reliable removals instead. But Iunno, it’s worth giving a shot. CoD is a very tricky card. It’s only really amazing when you can follow it up with Domwill to regain the advantage after spending all your mana clearing the board. Otherwise you are still in the losing position, just not in such a big one. Sometimes that might be enough to win you the game but sometimes it won’t and when it comes to control I don’t want any uncertainties there. But hey, I believe it’s also worth trying out.


Definitely Sajj, playing control 2/2s are not going to do much for you. Plus artefacts are the best control option avaliable for Vet and they synergize well with Sajj.
I won’t run Entropic Decays in my opinion that card is awful - it is too awkward to use and Sajj can get so much more value out of a Hexblade combined with her BBS.
I also would forget Keeper of the Value. In its nerfed form it only ever worked well in Magmar since they have the ultimate early game removal - Natural Selection and ramp options. Without these, you absolutely have to play more early-game minions making Keeper shite in the long run. If you really want ressurects, I would try Corpse Combustion, but I failed to make that card work (though I did manage to res 2 Ayamaras at one point and it was hilarious).
Spinecleavers are used in most Sajj control lists as a win-con - I would try those as well. They are hard to set up, but can be absurdly powerful in drawn-out games.


Yeah, this is pretty accurate, I personally would take out the Silhouette Tracer and add a 2nd DomWill and prob try to fit in a CoD somewhere. That is all personal preference though, so it’s all a matter of choice.


Kron is everywhere isn’t he