Control Cassyva?


Hey guys! Currently, I’m in gold about to go into diamond but kinda stuck. Last season I got into S-rank with this deck by luck I think, but that is beside the point. I need your opinions on how to improve this deck. I’m struggling against decks like heal lyonar and tempo Kaleos. If you got any suggestions write away!


If you want to play control cass i would opt for some creep build with obliterate as a finisher. Your deck looks like a collection of answers to all kinds of things but with no real game plan on it’s own except for hoping that your lategame minions can somehow kill the opponent. Your removal choices aren’t real ideal either imo. Necrotic Sphere and Paragon are both questionable choices on their own, having both of them feels like serious overkill. You also don’t have lures for the early game and just 6 two drops so your early has to be really weak.


play demonic lure


This looks like a variation of the many Aggro cass decks running around. Control generally involves some kind of big wincon like variax or obliterate especially in cass.

Phantasm Tiger Desolator Revenant and Void pulse are the shell of most Aggro cass lists and across most of the recent tier lists, Aggro Cass is consistent in being top tier. This one opts for lots of removal (lots of AOE removal and dispel) over more burn tools like flameblood and dark seed, but ultimately it seems a hybrid (you have grasp which can hit the general, but with sunset and emp, I suspect it’s for aoe removal).

If you are all in for the removal package, doom is the newest control tool but I don’t think I’ve heard any stories of its success… If you just want to get to S, you could just run a more burn-y Aggro cass since you have the skeleton for it.

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Yea i might take out the paragons just because they are sometimes a dead draw. But like I feel like necrotic sphere is not too bad for aoe removal.


Obliterate is hard to fit in because I don’t generate enough creep and its the same case for variax. Any suggestions for late game win conditions?


Do you have klaxon or ooz? Together, they tend to be just enough for some creep decks but alone they are pretty decent in most decks

Personally, i would consider dropping 1 emp, the paragons, the wild pigs, and maybe the lightbenders if you decide to add creep finishers


try dis, little bit expensive but works like a charm

I tested it for you:
sorry stynx :stuck_out_tongue:
u can try swaping out 1 rev for 1 more klaxon or ROT9M


Run two Copies of Obliterate


Just going off what I’ve seen other people post, and the general critic it has received, Mind lathe and possibly Cadence over Wild tahr, Light bender.

This is TM25’s Aggro Cass and his Doom Control Cass

It seems to me you split both, opting for The phantasm, Void pulse, Revenant package of Aggro Cass, but also including Sunset, EMP, Necrotic Sphere of the Doom Archetype.

The lack of Creep really is in the minions. Wild Tahr and Lightbender are equally awkward as they are rare to see in Cass Lists and without them, this deck would look much more like Midrange Creep Cass, but this deck isn’t creep generation (ooz, Klaxion/Shadow nova), you just have value minions and dispel which seems more like Tempo cass? You need a clear win condition. Cadence could work well for you if phantasm sticks or you mind lathe something good, but It is considered meme tier


I used to run a really really really similar list, but it struggled really hard by the lyonar titan list and the tempo kaleos.


The Aggro cass and creep cass I already have lists for, but the doom one looks very very interesting. In my deck, though I run phantasm as removal bait, or it can just win me the game as the game drags on. That is just what I think tho. The tahrs and Lightbenders allow me to keep control of the board earlier on so that I don’t die. I’ll throw in the mind lathes once I can afford them. :3


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