Control Cass: The Meltening


Hello, everyone! It’s Renderman once more. So, before the end of the year, I took a small break from doolyst, because as some of you may know, the player base is quite divided on how healthy Duelyst truely is right now. However, during that time I was said that I should try using a meltdown Cassyva list, since it was one of the things I was most afraid of during release and I was pleasantly surprised when no one really picked up on it. And so, I took a leap of faith and retried playing with this list. Well, now I have over 130 games with this list in less than a month, and it has done quite a good job (64W 31L 67% w/r just this month. Last month I guess it came close to the same with just 30-40ish games with it).

The overall thing with this list is to reach late game, while keeping yourself save from threats as well as trying to fight for the board with minions such as Healing Mystic, Blades and Dioltas or using Spectral Blade to protect an already settled board. Your healing is kelaino, for the most part, void pulse also helps with those 5 hp swings, and at 5 mana, being able to kelaino + pulse against some decks really helps out.

There are a couple of things to point out for this deck, the most important being that there is no creep support. Creep is something I’ve never liked. For me, it works like mechaz0r in a way, get your creep stuff early on, you win with a 4 mana 10/10, if not, you have to pray to not get every early game and dig up rites. So instead, I grabbed the most Good Stuff minions I could find to remain somewhat proactive until 7 mana, knowing I can rely on them without the need of additional cards. Aside from that, everything else is mostly standard, with minions such as Sunset Paragon to help out in more daring situations against swarmy playstyles or stuff like Grasp of the agony (which also works really well with the likes of kelaino, be aware of the interactions with some minions and this card, though. You don’t want to draw your opponent three cards with a grasped sojourner).

As far as matchups go, it’s fair all across the board. The easiest probably being either slower variations of tempo lyonar or songhai. Both of them fall hard once you pop some nice healing or just nail them into a spot with a Dioltas tombstone. The hardest matchups are Midrange Vaath, due to their ability to have huge healing burst no matter the situation as well as massive bursts early on as well as Variax. Although Variax sounds like an unwinnable matchup, it can most definitely be done with the right mind set of going face, but it’s really hard to do so in later turns. However, it’s a price I’m willing to pay. Other note worthy matchups are Faie and Zirix. Against Faie, you want to take it slow and try to build up a nice board. If you force them to remove the board, you will clearly win the late game, with the massive immidiate threats that both meltdown and Revenant can be. Also be sure to hold on to those shrouds, they will come in handy. Now, probably everyone will be laughing when I mentioned zirix, but the early damage they can deal is brutal. Sure, kelaino does help, but wasting high quality removal like punish on obelysks, when it is really probable they are running either scarab or Nosh’rak, is pretty scary. Aymaras can also be problematic, but Daemonic almost always does the job.

I think that’s about all that’s needed to say about this deck. It’s pretty fun to mess with, due to being able to shout “DIE, INSECT” from the top of your lungs. Before I go, I guess i should mention that you shouldn’t play Meltdown unless every single target is good. One miss from meltdown can mean death, and playing the odds can be heavily punished. Although I guess its a fine play if it means it gives you lethal/robs the win.

Anyways, hope you try this out, if you have any questions, you are of course allowed to ask :stuck_out_tongue: See ya out there on the battlefield, fellow duelysters o/


Is your win rate including wins in all ranks from silver to S?


Yep. The wins in silver to srank, which is like 40-50ish, you can treat them as a mix between diamond and early S, since it was literally from the beginning of season (1st of January, got to S on I think was the 8th).


Ah ok :ok_hand:

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for a second there i thought the meltening would be variax + meltdown for the utter despair the combo would provide


Yeah, Meltdown for every general that’s the spirit!

We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

That’s actually where that list and my Zir’An Meltdown lists came from. When the expansion came out we said we’ll try to make Meltdown work for every faction, and this is where the Abyssian route went.

Songhai appears to be next on the agenda.


Wait a minute… just realized that’s a 10 mana combo without Sanguine or DFS lol. I was gonna make that deck


it would be a 2 turn combo without darkfire sacrifice, but if it gets set up nothing could stop it


This reminds me of when J ran Swarm Cassyva, because Cassyva’s BBS gives you quite a lot of tempo and control on its own, especially with Abyssian’s control suite of cards, which in turn allow for a relatively empty board when Meltdown drops.


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