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Hey folks so as many of you know I’ve been working really hard to try and make sure that the Duelyst content keeps flowing and that things don’t die down too much while we are waiting on a new full time community manager to be chosen. My biggest project at the moment has been running the Meltdown League which I’m sure many of you have heard plenty about and I hope many of you have enjoyed playing in, watching the casts of or reading the tournament reports coming out each week. In addition to this I’ve been a part of, and recently became the host of, the Duelyst Central Podcast, have been a contributor to the Power Rankings for the past few months and have taken over putting out an unofficial top 50 list each month.

Many of you also know this but I have myself applied for the community manager position at Bandai Namco and if I could get that position I would be beyond happy to continue serving the community and making sure we have plenty of fun events and content coming out of our happy little community. However until I hear back from Bandai I will still need to be making some amount of money, life tends to like to be expensive :sweat_smile: but I would also love to be able to spend my time producing Duelyst content for you all to enjoy. To this end I’ve been exploring the idea of attempting to use Patreon as a platform to help make a little bit of extra cash in exchange for exclusive Duelyst content which I would put out in addition to the free content I’m already providing. To this end I wanted to send out a survey to you fine folks in the Duelyst community to try and see what you be most interested in so that when I officially launch the Patreon it will be tailored to exactly what the community wants.

Best and thanks to everyone who helps out,

Link to the survey:


really cool, to see someone so involved in a community, it makes one feel that the game does have players that cherish it


We’re out there even if we can seem hard to find at times. :heart:


Heh, I wonder what’s harder; finding you guys or exposing the hardcore forum lurkers :thonk:


Read in David Attenborough’s voice.

“This is the lesser spotted Active Duelyst Community Member, they are a beautiful creature and creates a lovely environment for it’s friends.”


…Primus Fist Bump…


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