Constructive Criticism Thread: Improving A.I. 😎


Yes, it’s obvious that the AI can be improved. People who say it’s impossible or not worth had nothing to do with AI coding. Better AI > overpowered cards new players have problems beating, IMO.

The most obvious changes are:

  • the movement should be done after finding correct attack targets. Targets should be based on different types of priorities - primarily lethal, then at least some of dangerous targets that can be killed (e.g. Shadowdancer, FWM, Kelaino… - this could be a simple ordered list), then the most logical trades (at least the most basic conditions like AI minion attack > max[player’s minion health]). Right now bosses move their minions first and often they block their own lethals or don’t attack the minion they moved towards (Sarlac mainly), which is terrible.
  • similarly, spell order often doesn’t make too much sense. I don’t see the point of giving a boss Ethereal Blades when they clearly don’t know what to do with that card - in my case the boss casted it last on a minion that wasn’t in reach of any of my characters, not to mention the boss was on the opposite side…
  • at least some keywords should be implemented, for example like people mentioned minions with Backstab should go for backstabs if possible


I’d like to see:

  • An open API.
  • An AI ladder that bots are permitted to queue for (humans can queue too, if you WANT to play vs bots) which gives no rewards per game played but which DOES give rewards for being top at the end of the month.
  • After ~6 months of that, a supported AI tournament (with a decent cash prize if a sponsor can be found), with the stipulation that all entrant’s code be licenced to CPG for free for, say, 2 years for the limited purpose of driving the in-game Boss AI.

And then the problem will be solved.


Lol, I don’t think the argument was ever that it is impossible. Rather, it is that making such an AI is at the very least, non-trivial.


Anyone else have ideas?


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