Constructive Criticism Thread: Improving A.I. 😎


There has been a moderate amount of discussion scattered across this forum concerning the functionality of A.I. in Duelyst, focused principally on the Boss Battles. The intricacies of A.I. in this game (or in our world, generally speaking) are fascinating, and could prove to be a topic for lengthy discourse. Why not make a dedicated home for it.

We all have our gripes about the current implementation of A.I. in this game, so here’s your chance to offer ideas for its improvement.

As always, please be kind to each other.

So, grab your nearest IBM supercomputer and let’s start building Skynet together!


Well, first of all, if something has flying and backstab, it should go for backstabs if possible


I think bots should be at least able to see when they have lethal (seen them miss too many times lol)


Brought up priority moving before. On board lethal, (board+hand) lethal, minions.

Probably also using removals on proper targets (if minion mana cost = removal mana cost, use removal). Buffs could use a similar approach.


I dunno guys, the AI is intended to be an easy win for newcomers to learn mechanics and faction strengths, not to curbstomp anyone who dares challenge it.

That said though:
Have it recognize how to play the deck type it’s running, (Aggro plays fast with aggressive use of the general to clear things, control tries to play reactively in the early game, before going into its lategame shenanigans, etc.)

Give them better decks. More punish, less DT. More Obliterate, Less Nova. More Ooz, Less anything else. More Specrev, less DragoneBone Kevin.


If AI has 50% to hit between 2 targets and one of them has “Dying Wish” … hit the other :slight_smile:

(or I’ll keep spanking every boss with my Unseven :stuck_out_tongue: )


They play the basic decks. I think most thoughts on improvement in this thread are directed at the boss battles.


I wish the bosses would have a interesting mechanic which gives them a edge but just works combined with general smart behaviour…
Unfourtanetly bossbattles are just opponents with MASSIVE unfair advantages which are just beatable because they are braindead:(
Imagine the heretic in the hands of a good player…


Lul train a large neural network :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm you know, I don’t think they’ve updated the AI for a while. It appears to me that the AI doesn’t understand how new or changed cards work. Furthermore, I believe that the AI has no idea what “value” and value trading is. For example cards like eclipse or Taygete are great to use against AI since they seem to be ignoring their effect and care only about stats. Same can be said for dying wish minions. Perhaps the AI first “scans” the board for threats and if it finds one it tries to kill it if possible or move away from it or simply ignore it completely. What interests me the most is what exactly is a “threat” according to the AI. Is it a big minion? Is it the only minion on the board? Is it a minion with a specific keyword (ranged)? Anyways maybe the biggest problem with the AI is that it doesn’t have a plan. Yes the bosses have an unfair advantage but do they know that? Do they have a certain game plan or do they just wait for the player to take action so that they can react? Unfortunately I have no knowledge of how the AI actually works so most of these questions will have to be answered by someone that does.

Maybe that someone is you :wink:


The problem is actually, how do you define ‘value’ in a way where such planning becomes trivial?


When you stand behind someone and don’t move, you should backstab for free damage.
(Instead of standing doing nothing like a clingy thingy.)


It’s entirely possible to improve the AI but feature different difficulties where the AI ignores or implements different logic. See League of Legends. It took a long time, but after enough public demand they updated the simple AI and implemented different challenge ratings.

Also, thumbs up to @kelvindagr8 for the xkcd comic. I love that web comic will all my heart (it helps I’m about to graduate with a BS in Computer Engineering).


Kinda off topic here but I think it would be cool to play slightly toned down versions of the bosses against our friends


What if…
You play as a boss against another player playing as boss. Both players use their boss decks.


…xkcd is the best. I especially love the What If? section.

So, do you have any specific solutions and what do you think the decision making code would look like? Maybe some one could construct a map of possible choices. A simple one, because an exhaustive one would be massive.


Allow bosses to take our entire decks and hand into account


A.I will probably never be smart,The road to improvement is cheating

  1. Unfair cards like 1 mana 5/5 with celerity or 0 mana draw 5 cards for the boss.

  2. Multiple forms we already seen boss with two forms but switching forms at different points for different reasons would make it hard for example ever time you heal the boss turns into Mechazor for a turn.

The honest truth is we don’t need the A.I to be smart.We need the Boss to provide a challenge .The biggest problem right now is that they are trying to provide content to all level of players at same time.The boss should come with 2 modes Easy and Hard.Once you remove that fact the New player and bad players have to beat it.You can put in more unfair stuff .The bosses in dark souls or Zelda aren’t smart the provide a challenge with a gimmick. The AI could be better but is good enough at present to provide a challenge


abstrusegoose was better.


It’s entirely possible to improve to the AI without giving them card advantage. Simply adjusting their priorities and using assigned priority values to events to create flexible turns (instead the the rigid turn order they follow now) would create tremendous change.

The AI also had a horrible habit of killing minions it can rather than trying to avoid or focus greater threats. They too easily let you manipulate their turn with well placed fodder, when you know what they’re looking for.