Constant crashes forcing system reboot



Frequent In-game crashes, which require system reboot.

Operating System:

Linux Mint (Sarah)

System Specs:


Game Client:

Browser; CHROME Version 55.0.2883.75 (64-bit)


Bug Report Details

I know that Linux is not officially supported so I’m not expecting much in terms of “resolution” here. So, I dunno I guess this post with be mostly me venting about my inability to play this game properly. AND The issue seems to be getting worse with each patch.

I stopped streaming this game a few months ago mostly because once I changed operating systems I just wasnt able to reliably stream the game; the laptop would overheat or crash and well, its pretty obvious you cant stream like that so I stopped.

This month it took me 160 games to hit S, which for me is a metric shit tonne (usually the number would be arround 70-90). Sure, fucking around with sub par decks couldn’t have helped. but main reason is that after a few games the client crashes and I have to reboot my PC (wierdly, this issue seems to be bigger problem during certain times than others — although that might just be some sort of cognitive bias — i.e. looking for patterns that dont actually exist).

Over the last two days the game has worked nicely, and without the D/C losses I was able to climb up to S#13. But then I try to play today – and instantly lose two games in a row due to these crashes. I can NEVER reboot fast enough to reconnect, and in any case Im not even sure the game “waits” for me to reconnect either.

At times like this I wonder why I even try to play.

And thats now 3 paragraphs of me ranting without actually providing useful debugging information. Lol. Oh well, at least I feel better after a good rant :slight_smile: