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Consistent Replace Memetown


Hello everyone, I have returned. This time I am holding the numero uno most consistent Memetown deck yet!

Give it a go!

Note: the list is highly flexible and experimental; however, I have gotten memetown out in almost every match I’ve tried yet.

It needs: more card draw (since an empty hand make theobule sad)

Activating Memetown-

  1. Disciple of Yggdra counts as a token once activated

  2. Dioltas summons a sticky sticky token upon death

  3. Gravity well is vanar’s best method of contesting mana wells (also a token)

.4. Jax - optional, use anything else you want. Embla is a slower but better option.

  1. CROM! - him plus theobule usually summons 3 or more different tokens (more if aethermaster is live)

That is actually the most expensive deck i have ever seen… Except maybe apex-mnemvore, but that was cheating :slight_smile:


ikr. I only play Vanar and Vet though, so the dust from Magma,Hai, and Lyonar fuel these things :slight_smile:

EDIT: and abyssian too

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Doesn’t look that scary to me spirit-wise :stuck_out_tongue:


I still see common cards in there, such eye sores, can I have a deck list with more costly options instead?


Where’s wings of paradise?

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