Consistency? Solid? What that even mean?


I personally don’t really know what these terms mean and so…can someone explain them?

I’m asking for deck-related terms so if i missed some please add them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Consistency refers to how your deck plays from match to match. If your deck is full of x3 copies of cards, it will be very consistent, because you are very likely to have the same plays from game to game. If your deck is full of x1 copies, your deck would be pretty random in how it plays. Consistency is good.

Solid…probably just slang for good?


I am pretty sure solid describes a card of high consistency, that you can play in almost every situation, like Healing Mystic. Unsolid cards are very conditional or a hit or miss, like Koan of Hoarns.


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