Confused about gauntlet card balance/rarity


my main confusion is the strength of certain cards and their rarity, frostburn can literally win someone a game instantly even if you are way ahead, and its only a rare card.

bloodmoon priestess, shadow dancer, because of how abyssian plays if this card is played and you cant deal with it instantly and your opponent is smart you probably just lose, these cards are also rare. it makes no sense to me how cards that can single handedly win you the game are rare. i would think the main purpose of rarity of cards is to balance them out for gauntlet so that you dont have 2-3-4 of these cards that can literally win you the game. there are other cards like this but these are the best examples i can think of. makantor is another card in gauntlet that can just win the game instantly but at least its an epic

i dont like cards like these that can turn the entire game if you are way ahead but if thats what the devs want whatever, it would just make more sense to make the cards like these to at least be much more rare in gauntlet


They’re busy balancing the meta :frowning: gauntlet is just a fun playground for now. It’s unbalanced af.


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