[Concept] Story Boss Mode #1! Deathlark & the swarming Treefolk!


Hi guys! I figured Duelyst hasn’t approached cool and interesting AI to play against yet, much like Hearthstone’s adventure bosses. So I’ve made something new!

Introducing Deathlark the boss general, with the powerful early game Treefolks that will trample you just with raw stat alone.
Coupled with options to scale into the later stages of the match with the more devious Midnight Beasts, Deathlark is definitely a challenge requiring clever deckcrafting skills to overcome him.

Is this boss beatable or just too strong to deal with? Let me know what you think! :smiley:
I do NOT own any of the art for these card concepts

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Kawaii desu. No, seriously it’s freaking amazing.


thanks! :smiley: art isn’t mine tho :disappointed_relieved:


I really like it! But… a healing leper? :snail:


The base health for Deathlark is 15, which is increased by subtle effects like these. :smiley:


Yeah I get the healing, the healing is fine. But a leper??


oh, well… …heh.


These are really interesting synergistic cards. It would be so amazing to just pilot this deck :smiley:




I like how Deathlark, a mercyless general that feeds on the life essence of your minions is a cute little kitten-person.

I can just imagine the boss dialogue:

“Hi mister/ madam! My name is DEATHLARK FEASTER OF SOULS. Let’s play! Nyah! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Please make this happen Counterplay)


LUUUUUL, it’s a no body loatheb :smiley:


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