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Concept: Mech Cadence Omega


Hi guys, i have a meme deck concept, but it needs some more polish.


  1. summon low-cost minions early game
  2. remove early game threats with mindlathe
  3. ramp/further establish board control/bait removals with silver
  4. summon omega
  5. resummon him if he dies
  6. use chittering tiller/metalunbirth/cadence to 1-hit general

it’s pretty dumb, but it worked the 1 time played it.

do be careful of sabotage and steal decks though. this MF 9memed my omega and wouldn’t you know it, the bastard gets the stats i built.

chakram slows down this deck a bit more than i expected. i suggest taking it out altogether


Thx for testing this decktype so I don’t need to craft Silvers and Omegas (especially Silver is a big mess full of bugs I don’t want to touch) :smiley: nice touch on Zurael too. I think you don’t need Tiller or Unbirth, Omega is plenty deadly as is already with Cadence. Consider adding Z0r and Lure instead, I think it would improve consistency.


Mechs are technology. Cutting edge technology is buggy.
It is known.


While not as powerful as Chakram offensively (nor with as good synergy to Wraithlings), Feralu can be an interesting substitute. Specially useful with all the revival tech you’re bearing since all you need to make him relevant is so he’s somewhere in the field. May end up asking so you swap to Cassy, tho.


if you’re not summoning via deceptib0t, you’ll be fine 90% of the time


The standard way I use Silver in never caused a bug :slight_smile:


I think i figured it out. My mere existence is creating new bugs in mechs.

Mechaz0r bug. but game's too fun to quit on

Ah ok, good to know. I would like to use them also with Metaltooth and Apex, which might cause some problems.


Zohan has played S.I.L.V.E.R. with Metaltooth and Apex for quite some time and has yet to report any serious bugs regarding the interaction.


Ok, cool! Maybe I’ll try it out some day :slight_smile:


Next time I see our Mech Magmar expert, I can ask him but while he posted a lot of hilarious screenshots he never mentioned anything and Silver in Magmar was almost all he played :slight_smile:


who’s our mech magmar expert?


Thezohan. He plays mostly MechMar when he isn’t playing other silly decks and has played almost every variation of it from Rexx + 4 Kujata = ∞ Mechaz0r! to Apex into S.I.L.V.E.R. + Omega + Metaltooth + Cannon.


Yeah exactly and with good win rates too :slight_smile:


Finally decided on checking this thread, and testing the deck out, looks like a lot of fun!

I think I’m going to tweak by using a replicant+mirrorim shell, and then go for an out of hand DFS into Omega and Cadence, but haven’t tested at all yet, your route might be a lot more consistent.

@miguelosz the only bugs I’ve encountered with S.I.L.V.E.R are with b0t, the regular 8 mana 9dmg (or 9 mana 17dmg) combo works wonders, and I think it deserves a spot in any deck that needs a finisher.

EDIT: First game didn’t go as planned, ended up lethaling with mindlathe + lure + cadence on a kraigon, DFS is pretty hard to find through the piles of replicants in the deck, along with getting cadence and omega.


i know that feeling all to well :joy: most of them die even before cadence omega

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