Concealing Shroud


What is your guys opinion on this card? I’ve been on the receiving and the performing end of this card now, and it always feels so damn cheesy and uninteractive (yeah ik, people hate that word, but when you literally can’t do anything on your turn but to overextend your board if you don’t have a dispell ready, just to have it cleared by enfeeble + skorn is the epitome of uninteractive to me, since both players just kinda play solitaire). I honestly think it would be fine on its own, but with the extreme control options Vanar has available now, it’s just waaay too easy to stall the game, given that you draw enough shrouds + loremasters. I mean, if you couldn’t just clear the board afterwards it wouldn’t matter that much. This is not a whining thread, i just won a game vs a well known player that is easly superior to me in skilllevel by cheesing my way through, and it just felt stupid lol. (Sure i’ve also lost to this card a few times, but i am not really mad about it or anything, i just wanna discuss how powerful you guys think this card is)


The game is so dominated by fast burn decks now that I don’t really mind a card that stalls the game or allows for further developed boards. Even if they do Enfeeble/Skorn, that’s a high mana combo that can’t realistically be ramped out too easily, and it wipes their own board as well.


Well most iterations of Control Vanar don’t really run minions or develop much of a board outside of Meltdowns, Loremasters and reactive cards like lightbenders and skorns, so that isn’t really a downside.

The aforementioned example. My turn 1 play was passing, his was sojo + katara. My t2 play was chromo the katara, he played 2 chakris in the rearline, i shrouded + loremastered and continued to do so till 7 mana. Sure my draws were pretty solid outside of my first 2 turns, but with most decks passing 2 turns would just be gameover.


Im not a vanar player but i suggest you try a concealing shround + blood taura as the downside of taura is fully compensated by shroud. Im surprised noone has tested that one out yet.


I think that both Enfeeble and Concealing Shroud are too strong for their mana cost. I would not mind if the cost of both cards was raised by 1.


I like your deck, trying to build something similar but still missing the shroud. Do you play frostburn too or just skorns?


1 Frostburn 1 ecplise paragon, its just a rough draft i threw together for quests though, there are better lists out there.


I think the fact it can be be dispelled makes it basically ok, as while it is sometimes frustrating, it’s great to have a card that stops aggro so nicely.

My one issue is that it applies on your own turn as well, as that makes equipping a weapon and hitting face a very strong play, which also feels weird (if you attacked me I know where you are and you aren’t really concealed, are you?)


Well the only cards that can dispell it are those that can be applied to tiles, ie shroud, lightbender and chromo. Am i missing sth.?


I think you are correct, but shroud is still incredibly common.


Someone did, search miracle faie.


I think it’s a pretty poopy design. It feels balanced when it’s played early- to mid-game to clear a minion without taking damage or to preserve Artefact charges, but once you reach late-game it’s just another “deal with it or surrender to it”-cards. As you said, it plays very straight forward and is highly uninteractive: either your opponent holds a very specific answer card or he doesn’t. Not much play involved on either side.

Like Chrystalis Burst.

I don’t like cards which only allow for very narrow answers and are either amazing or pointless. Makes everything so random.


I imagine that the people who are most frustrated with this card run aggro decks with no healing or dispel, like the Magmar builds we see running around, or Obelysk Vetruvian. Concealing Shroud is a card that doesn’t trade, so a player has to lose card advantage to play it, and in Vanar, it’s hard to make up for card disadvantage because there are very few card draw engines to work with (most are neutral, and give your opponent cards too). Players using this card are also probably banking on it in order to survive, so dispel can end the game on the spot.
I guess having such a stally card in a faction with pure damage as a BBS is a little unsettling. I still feel it’s fine as a whole, though.


its a bit frustrating to play against at times, but i think it does fit the flavor of vanar generals - solo duelists with great single target removal. vanar was also lacking in faction heals so the card definitely fills in the niche nicely.

what i don’t like about shroud is that it is yet another card that puts dispell at premium again. dispell in general were nerfed to make the game more interesting (i guess) but shroud is one of those cards that is so strong that you need to include dispell effects in your deck.

i personally think enfeeble is an even bigger offender as it does not fit with the original flavor of vanar at all, but that’s a whole new topic…


It’s a card that screams Vetruvian, given to Vanar (what else is new, nerf every other faction, give the good stuff to Vanar.) Not really sure about why it even exists- but it gets blown out fairly easily, and doesn’t really effect positioning enough to be too much of a problem. I keep running into Faie players who keep trying to setup Meltdown with CS, but they find themselves rolling 1/4-1/5 at best, before getting absolutely blown out of a game where they were already ahead. It’s impractical- not as impractical as Meltdown or the other tripe they try to lucksack with it, but still impractical- but neat!


That moment when Shroud is countered by Shroud :laughing:

You know…Ephemeral Shroud.


The day has come that ppl start to ask for a vanar nerf … :slight_smile: well it’s just a rare card guys, maybe one of the strongest rare cards available, but in the end, it’s just a rare card. Even Falcius gives you +2dmg, immune to dmg shield, and leaves a solid body on board. This CS card leaves nothing, just another risk that we must take and pray to draw sth else better, unless we’ll be surrounded by a whole army. Not to mention that there are still so many dispel options, that can make the shield worthless in a blink.

I’m a vanar main, and personally I’m getting tired of Meltdown, even though it and Warbird is the most effective Bloodsurge effect now. I prefer Control style, and in this lighting fast meta, CS is doing well to support Control decks :slight_smile:


Enfeeble? What else can we do with variax and its horde of furious lings?


Even so, That’s a very specific situation, and you were obviously ahead anyways as he has a healer on the board and is still below your health.

You could argue the same thing about getting Mechazor out turn two, or turn two Variax etc. Being able to Loremaster Shroud your way alllll the way to a 7 mana combo AND have that combo in your hand without being dispelled and destroyed by their far more developed board is a fair bit of luck and/or lack of smart play on their part. People will see the combo coming and save combo cards until after you let it out.

Yeah, that seems pretty op, but I’ve only even seen Shroud once on the ladder, it’s nowhere near oppressive. Vanar needed some fun toys too


I wasn’t ahead, i was behind af lol, do you see his board?