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Community Voting Polls: Round VII

HAPPY NEW YEAR :sirpenti:

(I see we’re starting the new year strong)

Here’s the next pool of bosses!

  • Andromeda
  • Automaton 8
  • Boreal Juggernaut
  • Cindera
  • Grym the Vengeful
  • High Templar Kron
  • Kahlmar the Spell Eater
  • Malyk
  • Nahlgol
  • Paragon of Light
  • Rin the Shadowsworn
  • Skyfall Tyrant
  • Soulstealer
  • The Invader
  • Umbra
  • Unhallowed
  • Wolfpunch
  • Wu’jin the Trickster
  • Xel

0 voters

Last week’s winners were:

  • Archmagus Vol
  • Santaur the Terrible (bullied his way in)
  • Skurge
  • Megapenti :sirpenti:

But but…we wanted to see Beatrix, we voted for her! And now… I can’t find her on the voting sheet! Betrayal!


I am not sure we should vote for High Templar Kron except you fixed its bug. Otherwise every time good ol’ Steve spawns the game crashes because the card doesn’t exist anymore.

Did you fix that? @ThanatosNoa :slight_smile:

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So many of these bosses we fought already in the last half year.

Wolfpunch was not seen since 2018. Skyfall Tyrant and Wu’jin and Automaton were gone for a long time too!

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You know what, you’re right.

Might have foobar’d the boss sheet a bit - she was the on the “2 month ago” unfavored boss, which meant she shouldn’t have shown up in last months poll… but she did?

Idk, I’m keeping a new list for 2020 so :crossed_fingers: should stay clean(er)

That’s kind of the ironic beauty of public voting right? If there’s just something people really dislike seeing, that content may never show up again (while the truly favorite ones get more chances to shine).

As of right now, we remove the last two months “least voted” from the list (along with those months top winners) to keep a nice rotation of 20 bosses to vote on:
This makes it so that the winners can (at best) show up every other month, while the losers are knocked out for two (technically speaking?)

But if you guys have any suggestions on how you want your top 4-5 bosses to rotate, just let me know.

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But at some point the least voted bosses come back too, right? Would be sad otherwise.

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