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Community Voting: Boss Polls!

Hey guys! (It’s been a while :frowning_face: )

As vaguely mentioned before in the past, one of the ideas we were toying with to keep community engagement was, well, boss polls!

The idea is simple; we have a pool of 30+ something bosses, and they’re getting rotated around every now and then. We want you guys to choose what you’d like to see next!

That way we can avoid pesky repeats of what you guys don’t like and/or see more of what you do like~

Here’s our first batch of bosses!

  • Cade the Desolator
  • D3C
  • Wu’jin the Trickster
  • Solfist
  • Automaton 8
  • Orias the Heretic
  • Malyk
  • Archonis
  • High Templar Kron
  • Megapenti
  • Skyfall Tyrant
  • Cindera
  • Skurge
  • Shadow Lord
  • Archmagus Vol
  • Grym the Vengeful
  • Wolfpunch
  • Legion
  • Harmony
  • Andromeda

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For this first poll, go ahead and pick your Top 5 favorite bosses :slight_smile:
(Voting ends on Sunday!)

Whoever is the Top 5 by the end of this week will be what we run through July at which point we can regroup and pick a new set of bosses (and of course, iterate on this boss voting stuff, I’m sure you guys will have feedback about how to do this better :upside_down_face:)


I can’t remember many of the bosses but I remember not being able to stop myself laughing with Megapenti.


Sweet! In case anyone needs reminders as to what some of the bosses do, here’s the Boss Battle page on the wiki, which has an ID guide.

I would also like to specially request Santaur and Unhallowed at some point :slight_smile:

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Perfect! I wanted to kick off this discussion anyays

Unhallowed (Halloween) and Santaur (Christmas) are event bosses, so we never really planned to have them “year round.” If there’s an interest, I don’t see why we couldn’t have them off season and added to the next pool of choices.

SO good people of Dooly Official, what’s the verdict? Want to see more Unhallowed/Santaur?


Are you saying we can have Christmas in July?! :star_struck:


Umm. Yessir. Yep.


No, I think they should stay seasonal. But, then again, more variety never hurts…

Is there any truth to these rumors about Rainbow Mode?


Rainbow Mode is Rift mode which we had for one month. The GDC talk was from 2 years ago.

@ThanatosNoa I like more variety, more bosses :slight_smile:
And you should link the wiki! https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Boss_Battles

Missing Calibero and others in that list. I also want to say that the amount of different bosses we have is really nice :slight_smile: Well done!



Atleast, not this year. Since we’re doing a poll for the rest of June/July’s upcoming bosses, if everyone agreed to having them back, the earliest we could have them in would be… August?

But if people are cool with having the seasonal fights non-seasonal, then 2020 there could be Christmas in July :thinking:

Ok, so next month we can have a poll about whether or not those guys should… be in polls?
Too many polls. Pollception? We’ll seeeeee

As boronian already mentioned, it was “Rift Mode” that we had experimented with way back when.

It needed polish and tons of reworks based off community feedback, such as better balancing for the starter decks and some other oddities with drafting or the (lack of) payouts for playing.
This is something we never really got around back to due to crunch for expansions, so without that TLC I can’t say it’s very serviceable to bring back around.


At least it seems to me that @anjosustrakr is just being ironic, I think he was around back then and he created after someone created a discussion about it and genuinely believing it to be a recent announcement.


I’m always being sarcastic, @epicflygon! Thank you for your misplaced faith in me!

Wow, I never saw that coming soon™…


Are you… delusional, ser? You cannot have too many polls! I will make all of the polls personally if that is what it takes to confuse everybody into oblivion!


I’m sure there’s already a poll asking if there are too many polls.


I’m glad I taught you the word delusion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I made at least two.

You did no such thing. I taught everyone else the word delusion… or, rather, forced them to look it up for themselves.




First community voted boss defeated with @bepoest boss deck :smiley:


An honor! I’m going to check your replay.
Edit: yep, working as intended. :grin:


i think we should mix up the polls or else we’ll get megapenti every week


Oh don’t worry, so polls only allow me to post… 20? items at a time.

So there’s bosses here I couldn’t list, and the winners won’t be there next month either.

(Now the grand question, do we have a poll about polls being able to re-vote on the same boss again? :thinking: Maybe Megapenti is just that good that you guys would want to play it every two months?)