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Community Voting: Boss Polls III

Round 3!

If anyone has additional feedback just let me know here, I know there isn’t a ton going on in these threads :upside_down_face:

Here’s the next pool of bosses!

(Reminder that voting runs for a week)

  • Umbra
  • Monolith Guardian
  • Orias the Heretic
  • Paragon of Light
  • Scion of the Void
  • Rin the Shadowsworn
  • Cindera
  • Crystalline Champion
  • Xel
  • Shadow Lord
  • Unhallowed
  • Santaur the Terrible
  • Legion
  • Harmony
  • Soulstealer
  • Cade the Desolator
  • Wu’jin the Trickster
  • Solfist
  • Automaton 8
  • Malyk

0 voters

Last week’s winners were:

  • The Invader
  • Taskmaster Beatrix
  • Shinkage Zendo
  • Boreal Juggernaut

Thanks to last week’s additional poll, looks like seasonal bosses are back on the menu!


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