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Community Voting: Boss Polls II

Time for Round 2

A refresher for what we’re doing here: we have a pool of 30+ something bosses, and they’re getting rotated around every now and then. We want you guys to choose what you’d like to see next!

Here’s the next pool or big baddies

(Reminder that voting runs for a week)

  • Boreal Juggernaut
  • Umbra
  • Shinkage Zendo
  • Monolith Guardian
  • Orias the Heretic
  • Paragon of Light
  • Scion of the Void
  • Rin the Shadowsworn
  • Cindera
  • Crystalline Champion
  • Xel
  • Shadow Lord
  • Taskmaster Beatrix
  • Nahlgol
  • Legion
  • Harmony
  • The Invader
  • Soulstealer
  • Kahlmar the Spell Eater

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Last week’s winners were:

  • Megapenti :sirpenti:
  • D3C :robot:
  • Andromeda :star2:
  • Wolfpunch :wolf:
  • Grym the Vengeful :imp:

But Thanatos, there’s a max of four this week! :hairage:

… So we’re going to try setting these out for these for the following month, typically that means 4 weeks. Hopefully, that makes sense?

Extra Poll - Bring Back Seasonal Bosses?

  • Yes, we want Santaur and Unhallowed year-round
  • No, leave them for their specific holidays
  • I am indecisive and just want to see who voted

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Welcome back and thanks for the vote!


No Megapenti, no vote.


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Do… do we want… to see the same bosses… again and again? :vetwut:



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Megapenti is always welcome.

The others… :man_shrugging:

This is generally what you sound like, yes.



That was for you, buddy.

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