Community Unit Skins


That’s great man. What color are his jets, blue?


Checking that now honestly! :smiley:
Edit: Indeed they are! Blue it is!


Here you are my good man! One Baymax-recoloured Chassis of Mechaz0r!


Awesome! Thanks!


I made a dozen of reskins as well, I thought I would share them: Link to entire collection

Let me know if you have some requests, but I only reskin neutral minions into one of the factions’ colors.


I would appreciate it if you could make a reskin for jaxi and mini-jax and make them in songhai’s colors
Thanks if you end up doing it :slight_smile:


Took some hunting, found it!


Thanks! It would help if you told me how to use it in-game though cuz I’m fairly new and havent used skins before


Click on the sprite sheet (so it goes into expanded form) then download and save it to your computer.
Then :

Files (On your desktop/in the menu) > Local Disk (The C: drive) > Users > Your user file > .counterplay > duelyst > v_.__._ (number depends on current version (should be v.1.81.0 right now)) > resources > app > src > resources > units > scroll down until you find “neutral_jaxi” (the PNG file) and replace it with the sprite sheet you just downloaded.

You should be aware that you will need to redo this every patch.


Hmm I just noticed that @seraphicreaper seems to have only posted the mini-jax sprite sheet. I think I still need the jaxi spritesheet then. Also can’t figure out how to replace stuff on my computer, I feel stupid.


Yeah, we can summon @seraphicreaper and ask him if he has one or if he could put one together real quick for ya.

What do you mean replace stuff?


Nevermind about the jaxi spritesheet I found it it was at the beginning of the topic so thats not a problem anymore. What I meant was I’m not sure how to replace the jaxi file with the new spreadsheet. Again, I feel stupid cuz this seems like somthing really simple.


You should be able to simply drag and drop the reskin file in and delete the original


I’d reccomend moving the original to a safe location, so you don’t lose it. Then you just take the reskin, put it in the same place and make sure it has the exact same name (and take the original out).


I made my version of Jaxi and Minijax as well. The energy/projectile colors are based on Katara and Grandmaster Zendo. You can also download from here: Link


Thnx those look really good I will definitely try them out as well :grinning:


No prob, let me know if you need something else. I’m quite free the next few days.



I decided to make a lightning watermelon:


ew dude it looks like a fing warcraft character with those colors im totally using it