Community Unit Skins


Nice one! What tools do you use ?


Is that black link? Anyways, I think you should go on with it, seems awesome! My only complaint is that the head is too far back, and is a little too small.


I use Photoshop for all my work, its just great for whatever


That is so dope


Ok I use GIMP2 kappa15char


As someone also using gimp, we could not possibly expect for gimp to handle the exceptional quality of art skills of one that is @thefirstgokun



Is that you? Zeld…Link.

Anyway i’m “studying” the .plist file

The code is cracked but i can’t make it work so i may have done something wrong on the process

Time to get to work.


Some progress has occurred, the shield and sword are right and all thats left is Link himself. I call this one “Hylian Rejuvenator”



Now we need a songweaver with the ocarina of time


I’m gonna use this thing so hard


Suggestive suggestive…


Ya nasty @phayze


You might want this version then, its a little more complete.


I’ll probably be waiting for the final rendition, but once it’s out I’m pouncing


And I’m proud of it.


Just thought I’d make a post on some reskins I did of The Scientyst and Dark Nemesis. I thought it would be a cool idea to swap the colour palette of the two around. For The Scientist, this was a success. For Dark Nemesis, also went well save for his attack animation, which would require a lot of fiddling with colours to recolour himself wreathed in white energy rather than green.

Regardless, hope you enjoy them!


Could I request someone with more talent than me make a Baymax skin for chassis of Mechaz0r?


I gave it a crack on a single image.

Bigger Sprite

If you like it, do tell and I’ll recolour the whole animation sheet. Though I would need to know what colour you want the energy around Chassis of Mechaz0r to be.

If you were hoping for a more canonically correct recolour and don’t like this, I can understand that. :sweat_smile: This was just a simple recolour, with a little edit to the face, after all.


That would be great if you did a full recolor. You can leave the energy as is. Or do whatever you want with it :smile: