Community Unit Skins


The repository for all random unit skins community members have made :smiley:.

Here’s mine: Makantor FABULOUSbeast

Meme skins fsjal
Unit Skins by an owl

Time to meme even further behind !!

Let’s skin the fsjal creation of each unit and general.

#Here are those I found from meme thread:

#Meme Skins + Video:


Remark : This one is a straightforward copy/paste of same head. So there is no animation from the head at all. I will change it later since it was the first skin I made.


Remark : This one has 3-4 different head emotions. You can see eye blinked during several animation. And head go behind arms.

Mine is really ugly I am pretty sure you guys can do way better.
That’s why you can post your creation and I will update a list below of the best one for each meme skin.



hahahahahahahahahaha this is fantastic



This one took me like more than 1 hour.



(REDACTED) moved elsewhere


yeah but this is not a fsjal meme it you have changed color only. Ask goku to make makantor meme and I can do it for you .


I’ve asked goku on the duelyst meme thread.


Do you guys mind if i add skins from this thread that i find interesting to my own compilation? Just trying to have a nice neat way for people to find community skins


I am going to do this one:


Hey guys, just merged these two threads, might merge Ryan’s as well.


Here are the ones I’ve made full spritesheets for so far:


That’s some commitment to the meme :smiley: Amazing work!


I totally agree. It should be one dedicated thread for fsjal meme. But unfortunately my thread was merged here which is pretty disordered (.thanks to @maelrawn :/)


I replaced my general with the Repulsor beast skin. Mistakes have definitely been made, as I forgot to save a back image.


Here you can see my very first attempt of making a skin, I think this skin is ok. I tried to use the color scheme of Hyper Light Drifter here.

My second attempt. I really love this skin, it is way more colorful than the original.


The only skins worth upswing :relieved:


Sunny variax:

I thought variax could have crazy palette but that’s the best I found.


Oh my god. It makes my eyes hurty like the sun!


Hi fellow steve,

I wanted to share you my Reva meme skin . It took almost 3-4 hr to make it so enjoy:


Here’s a little project I might go through with. What do you guys think?