Community Poll - Card Design Contest [2018#3]


The jury has nominated their 12 favorites and now it is your turn to decide the winner!

  • You may not vote for yourself. Anyone who does this and doesn’t change the vote till deadline is disqualified.
  • Jury members are not allowed to vote.
  • You can vote for 2 submissions.
  • Please be fair and vote for the card design, not the person behind it!

The poll will be closed on August 20, 2018. Good luck to everyone!


by @mmf:

1) Suntide Springbok by thematsjo

Lyonar Rare Minion
5 Mana 2/3
Zeal: Celerity, Rush and turn spaces this minions ends its movement on into Hallowed Ground.

Name: 10/10
Jovial, bright, and not too heavy; Suntide Springbok (SS) is a nice continuation of Lyonar naming scheme that stays true to it’s card theme.

Card text: 10/10
Zeal ensures that it has it’s abilities only when adjacent to your general and the text isn’t hard to follow (SS moves around general, springbok spawns HG on the new tile).

Balance: 30/35
Rush units are always hard to balance, but there is one saving grace for this card; the fact that it has such low stats, requires 5 mana, and needs to stay adjacent to your general to activate It’s effects makes up for it’s rush and provides the necessary weakness to balance it’s power. And yes, I do realize that giving it zeal opens up a whole avenue of buff issues, but remember that it costs 5 mana without factoring in the additional buff source.

Creativity: 40/45
I absolutely love the idea of a golden/shiny antelope bouncing around the general like some sort of needy puppy. The light-brown with white underbelly already matches the slightly brighter Lyonar color scheme and I can just imagine it’s antlers being shiny/golden in classic Lyonar fashion. Good job on this one!

Total: 90/100

2) Titan Warbeast by deathsadvocate

Magmar, Minion
Seven Mana (0/7)
Rush : Can move through or onto minions and generals, if it does the minions and generals are moved one space randomly and take damage equal to this minions health.

Name: 10/10
I don’t see any issues with the name as it both conveys the status of the minion and part of it’s differentiation from makantor.

Card Text: 10/10
A little wordy, but I can’t see how you would reduce it without referring to minions and generals as units.

Balance: 26/35
While I understand that it comes out late and has 0 DAM to account for it’s power, you can do an instant 7 damage without having to suffer counter attacks. That’s made even better when considering you can get this out at 6 mana and deal a whopping 11 damage with amplification. The unit isn’t even moved out of attack range so it can still be hit after the initial move. A lot of utility for a Magmar minion.
You also forgot to label the rarity.

Creativity: (something’s missing here, I know)
I can’t deny, it’s pretty innovative. The only other cards that utilize health in an offensive aspect are Divine Bond and Eclipse and even then those cards need additional input to be made useful so with this being able to do the DAM itself puts it leagues above the rest.

3) Entangling Vines by darkjovo

Abyssian Spell (Rarity: Common)
4 Mana
Give each enemy on or nearby Shadow Creep “Can’t Move” until the beginning of your next turn.

Name: 10/10

Card text: 10/10
Simple and straightforward.

Balance: 24/35
4 mana for a card that stalls for 1 turn isn’t very cost effective. And as creep doesn’t work like it used to, you won’t be getting much if any value out of this. A dead draw without creep and unless you have something you can teleport to the creep or to give creep an attack buff you won’t be doing much with this card.

Creativity: 35/45
This effect should’ve been put in-game a long time ago. Putting this as a spell is interesting for sure.

Total: 79/100

by @alplod:

1) Sfeare by winsome

Neutral minion
4 mana (1/6)
The long edges of the board are connected to each other, as are the short edges.
Opening Gambit: All nearby minions gain -1 attack.

Naming (9/10):
Simple and funny. No Duelyst feeling, but overall decent name.

Wording (8/10):
I’m not a native speaker, but the wording seems a bit sloppy. But it’s short and clear.

Balance (25/35):
I’m not sure what this card can be used for. It’s rather weak in stats for 4 mana, cost is too high for it to effectively combo into something and it’s not a threat on its own.
However I see pretty neat synergies with Infiltrate Vanar, and it’s also another anti kiting card.

Creativity (42/45):
While not particularly creative as an abstract effect, for Dooli this spherical object may open new dimensions of gameplay or at least vast meme possibilies.

Total: 84/100

2) Caecus jaguar by 2munk4u

Songhai, Minion (epic)
4 Mana, 3/5
Can’t move.
Can attack the first enemy minion or general in a straight line, by teleporting to it. Whenever this minion is moved for any reason, give it +1/+1.

Name (7/10):
Using latin is kinda strange for Hai, but sounds good, IMO.

Wording (10/10):
Perfectly clear.

Balance: (32/35)
Let’s see. The minion is InnerFocusable 4 atk minion. I mean it deals 4 dmg the first time. That’s concerning, but not so much.
Can’t move aspect is hardly a handicap for Hai, especially Kaleos, and the minion’s reach is a force to be reckoned with. Also, given how many move spells are there in Hai, it can be buffed to infinity and beyond during the second turn after summon. Still, it can make only one attack without the help of AssProt, so I guess it’s rather fair. Also, Hai doesn’t have many good in-faction 4-drops for move synergy (Bakezori and Flamewreath are best used at 5), so the card is very important.
I subtract 3 from Balance rating cause of minor concerns I pointed out.

It reminds me of the worse Blast that made to be fitting Hai. Still, Jaguar rushing for its target is an image very appealing to me.

Total: 84/100

3) Gen-Bo the Jade Turtle by halcyon98

Songhai Minion
7 mana 3/10
Blood Surge : Whenever a friendly non-token minion is moved for any reason this turn, summon a Kaido Cannoneer on its last space. This minion and may move one additional space for each friendly Kaido Cannoneer.

Kaido Cannoneer
Songhai token
2 mana 3/2
Ranged . Whenever this minion is moved for any reason, deal 1 damage to a random enemy.

Naming (10/10):
Well thought, beautiful, thematic. I’d rate this 11/10 if I could.

Wording (10/10):
Perfectly clear.

Balance (25/35):
Ok. I still think that the card is a win more card. But with 3/2 ranged tokens instead of 2/3 backstab it became a bit more dangerous, so I can justify its cost more or less. I also think that Blood Surge keyword is unneeded though, it could be a perfectly balanced card at 7 mana with persistent effect.

Creativity (38/45):
Move effects are bread and butter of Songhai. “If anything moves” cards are nothing new as a whole, but canoneer marines brought by a giant turtle… Common, it’s awesome!

Total: 83/100

by @miguelosz:

1) Overseer by degenerator

Neutral Minion
6 mana (5/4)
During your turn you can move enemy minions of your choice one space.

Name: 5/10
The name is rather average. It’s thematic, but feels a little boring.

Card text: 9/10
Simple and clear, meaning everything’s good here.

Balance: 32/35
At 6 mana, I don’t think this card is too strong as its potential flashier combos such as Lost in the Desert or Fissure take two turns to execute. As a 5/4, you don’t midnlessly put this for every deck but rather have a specific combo in mind or use it as a tech.

Creativity: 42/45
In terms of freshness, this card is totally awesome. It adds a whole new layer of mindgames and cunning to the game, and would be a boost to many cool movement-based control and combo variants of Songhai, Vet, Vanar and Abyss, which is exactly the direction I wish to see this game to take.

Total: 88/100

2) Creeping Reaper by anjosustrakr

Rare Abyssian Minion
4 Mana (7/7)
Flying, Frenzy
Can only move to spaces with friendly Shadow Creep on them. Must be played on a friendly Shadow Creep .

Name: 5/10
“Creeping” and Flying don’t go hand in hand well. Besides that, it’s an ok name if nothing special.

Card text: 7/10
The text is a bit long, as “spaces with…on them” is not necessary. Otherwise it’s clear and fine.

Balance: 28/35
Thematically Magmar and Vanar are the more common factions for huge minions with drawbacks. The fact that Reaper must be played on a friendly Creep tile is a huge deal, which justifies the swol body, Flying and Frenzy for 4. I think this card is in a sweet sport balance-wise, powerful but niche.

Creativity: 43/45
The effect is fresh, feels very Creep-y, utilizes the tile mechanic really nicely and provides good opportunities for strategizing and planning ahead.

Total: 83/100

3) Time Fracture by alphacentury

Vanar Spell
5 Mana
Move ALL minions and generals onto or nearby the tile where they were summoned.

Name: 8/10
A Duelystically thematic name, which has the added benefit of sounding super cool. Only small minus is that bending time is more the Vetruvian theme.

Card text: 6/10
The text is pretty clear, my only concern is if the effect occurs simultaneously for all minions and generals which may cause some problems with larger boards (“nearby” usually refers to tiles directly next to each other).

Balance: 29/35
The card is well balanced, maybe even on the weaker side at 5 mana but still has good uses in decks that like to keep their distance between the generals. It’s also a tech against movement-based removal and can be comboed with Seraphim.

Creativity: 36/45
The effect feels fresh, and provides a new kind of strategizing in terms of soft removal of the opponent’s big minions and using minion effects such as Thunderhorn cleverly. Mainly this would probably be used for running away, though.

Total: 79/100

by @excogitator:

1) Lóng, Mist master by loliconartist

3 mana legendary Songhai minion
Whenever a friendly minion or general is moved by a spell, reactivate its movement.

Name: 9/10
I know dragons in a Duelyst are usually not that intimidating (flamewreah is downright adorable) but I expected songhai’s asian serpentine dragon to have at least a bit more beef than 1 attack. Regardless, the name fits with the faction, and ties into the lore of mist walking and mist dragon seal, so this is pretty great for me.

Wording: 9/10
“Reactivate it’s movement” sounds a little off. Perhaps “it may move again” or something. Otherwise it’s nice, crisp, and easy to read.

Balance: 33/35
The effect on this card is extremely strong, but only in specific decks. Allowing your movement spells to double up is supremely powerful, but only if you design your deck around this effect. With cards like Onyx Jaguar, Bakezori and Flamewreath, you can get a good movement shell going. Just add a 2 mana “move matters” card, and you’ll have all you need for a highly competitive deck!

Creativity: 40/45
Another supremely powerful ability, but only in terms of board based interactions. Granting movement is something just encourages higher level strategizing, and this minion will definitely be stronger in the hands of the better player. As for the concept, I am surprised that Songhai has yet to get a long minion, and this one fits there perfectly. The long is arguably the most recognizably East-Asian mythological creature

Total: 91/100

2) Stargazer by buyingcoats

Vanar Minion
4 mana (2/5)
At the start of your turn deal 4 damage to all enemies that didn’t move during their turn.

Name: 10/10
Fits with the “awe/beauty of nature” theme that Vanar has with cards like mesmerize. Furthermore, it is very flavourful. I imagine that characters too busy looking at stars will fall victim to this minion’s magic.

Wording: 10/10
Nice and crisp. All is well here.

Balance: 28/35
A very strong effect that the opponent can usually play around, but may lead to inoptimal moves. 4 mana is typically the point where you start printing cards that force certain positionings, such as Thunderhorn and Lost in the desert. However, the way this is worded, I see this minion being used to snuff out newly summoned minions more often than it is used to mess with positioning. However, it does give an opportunity at Counterplay with the start of turn trigger, and the 2/5 statline is ver managable to remove.

Creativity: 42/45
This is where this card shines. This card takes full advantage of Duelyst’s board and gives a powerful effect that is nearly fully board based. I can definitely see some Vanar dude in a feathered cloak and antlers that throws stars at enemies being printed next expansion.

Total: 90/100

3) Nethermeld Gate by unktrial1

Abyssian spell
3 mana
Destroy a friendly minion. For this turn, your general and friendly minions will teleport to the destroyed minion’s space before moving.

Name: 6/10
Acceptable. However, I think it might sound a bit too similar to “Gate of the Undervault” and “Nethermeld” so it might lead to a bit of confusion.

Wording: 10/10
Very good very strong.

Balance: 27/35
Swarm Abyssian thrives on sacrificing minions to
Gain some advantage, and positioning minions so that all your dudes can stack up their attacks. This minion accomplishes both in one neat little package. You can sack a wraithling, and then warp your whole swarm right up to the enemy general and maul them with a deathwatch effect. I can see this being used to augment Crescendo for lethal. Furthermore, this card also allows general repositioning, given you already have a minion there. Overall, this is a versatile defensive and offensive tool for Swarm Abyssian that sits at a good power level.

Creativity: 44/45
I like he concept of sacrificing one of your own shoulders to creat a portal to march your army through. It feels very Abyssian. If you use this as a defensive play to protect the general, it feels like your general would burst through the body of the sacrificed minion, like in Alien. Also very thematic. Overall, this just feels like a very “Abyssian” movement spell. Very very nice flavour.

Total: 77/100

  • Suntide Springbok
  • Titan Warbeast
  • Entangling Vines
  • Sfeare
  • Caecus jaguar
  • Gen-Bo the Jade Turtle
  • Overseer
  • Creeping Reaper
  • Time Fracture
  • Lóng, Mist master
  • Stargazer
  • Nethermeld Gate

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A thousand thanks to the jury for evaluating the submissions!

Honorable Mentions:

mmf: Tether Spire

There were so many candidates for honorable mention/jury vote that it was quite tough to judge. This however caught my eye in that it resembled his avatar as i’d imagine it to be engulfed in a smoky haze like those scary stories to tell in the dark books.

miguelosz: Trailblazer

Balancing this card around other current and future cards could be a real pain since it’s so versatile, but I appreciated the ambitious design and flavor.

excogitator: Healing Mystic Memorial Hospital

You’d win in my book for the name alone.


It was hard to choose, 3 Aby cards and only 2 votes, and I also had to make room for spherical memes.


Wait… then why is it still open? :thonk:


Whoops, copy and paste got me :smiley: Good catch, thanks!


This card has to do with Shadow Creep, not vines. :thonk:

I don’t get it… I just don’t get it.


I think there is a small typo in Gen-Bo. I spot an extra “and” after it says, this minion.But I honestly don’t think it matters.


Yup, that indeed looks like a typo. However, I am not going to change this, nor the other weird formatting things regarding the submitted designs.
Submissions are copied to this thread exactly as they are, with the formatting they have. It really shoudn’t be that difficult to format one’s submission properly. :man_shrugging:


This has to do with a contradiction.

This has to do with tendrils.

Besides, has anyone confirmed what shadow creep is? It could be spikes, thorns (p.pluck), or it could be f****ing tentacles no one knows for sure what it is and what it can do. Entangling Vines is a good expansion of the various things creep can do which is why the name recieved a 10 in my book.


No need to be insulted, I just thought that Shadow Creep was a bunch of spikes on the ground… Or have I been misled?


And no ones insulting you, where’d you get that notion? If you felt personally attacked by any part of the statement, don’t. It’s not addressing you, it’s just addressing the community as a whole in that we have no idea what shadow creep is. If you wish to continue this conversation, just pm me

We assume they’re spikes, but shadow nova and choking tendrils imply otherwise (or maybe just separate characteristics of creep).


I’m going to clear this up as cleanly as I can. I was not saying I was insulted. I thought that I had insulted you, and I was apologizing. I was trying to explain my thinking, that’s all.

Also, I wouldn’t put it past CP not to know what they are either :wink:

Edit: I just remembered that “creep” is a type of crawling vines, which would actually make the name perfect. My bad. :sweat_smile:


5 days to go. Make sure to vote for your favorites!


The poll is now closed and we’ve got our winners! Congrats to…

1st place with Stargazer

2nd place with Creeping Reeper

3rd place with Overseer

You will receive the respective orbs and the forum title (1st place) soon. Please notify me whether you three want to be part of the jury for the next contest.

Thanks also to all others for your submissions!


@degenerator was so close to becoming Design Binity…


How soon™ is soon?


Sooner than last time, that’s for sure :smiley:


Remember friends the secret is making your card op as fk


Sadly, yes. :frowning:



Well at least I made it to the voting phase this time.


Same here. So happy. :sob: