Community Gender poll


So I’m interested to see how many girls are in the duelyst community

cuz reasons

So here we go

Its a public poll so if you don’t want people to see then idk

  • Male
  • Female
  • Other
  • Prefer not to say

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Give it up, the only girls here are Okojo and our waifus.


Probably very few female players proportionally and probably even fewer who want to step forward on the forums and make themselves a target of some creep’s harassment (general statement, not aimed at OP or anyone in particular) but who cares?

I’m a grown man, and I love women as much as anyone, but I can safely tell you in all my time playing Duelyst I have never been in a match and thought to myself “I wonder what gender my opponent is”.


Edited it to remove names.


Something something identify as an Apache attack helicopter.


others identify as a crystal wisp.



really sad that the Imperial Orb isn’t “Holy Hand Grenade” :frowning:


No Death Star? That’s sexist right there.


what if i sexually identify as a serpenti

i get relegated to the “other” category?


yes pretty much


I am very offended.


i’m sorry


I’m not a mod, but you guys know this is very quickly going off topic and/or getting loaded up with nonsense posts…


what were you expecting from a gender poll on the internet? accuracy? truth?


I mean… Seems like a very pointless thing to lie about. If people don’t want to share this information, simply don’t vote in the poll…


but wheres the fun in that? its more fun to start inane arguments about identifying as a serpenti or a crystal wisp


so which are you?

crystal wisp? Serpenti?


Seems very immature and pointless to me…


welcome to the internet