Community Deck Building Project: Phase 2


As many may be familiar with, I had proposed the idea of a deck building project in this thread, with the focus of developing and finalizing meta/general decks with the duelyst community. With the new expansion released, this is the perfect time to start finalizing tests to see A.) the strength of certain cards/generals and B.) What new (meta) decks have arose from this expansion.

How does it work?

If you wish to participate in this project, simply comment below if your willing to commit to it. Keep in mind that if you participate:

1.) You have to be able to play at least 10 games (although playing more is encouraged) with a given theme deck and provide a somewhat detailed analysis as to how the game played out, strengths, weaknesses, and specific matchups with the deck. You must also be able to explain important/any key cards/changes made to the deck archetype

2.) At the end of this post, their will be a post where participants can vote on which archetype they would like to test out first. For simplicity, the selections will be 1 underplayed/undeveloped archetype previous from the expansion (mainly the least played general from all factions) and the choice ‘Other’. The testing periods will run for about 3-7 days (depending on the number of participants and the number of games each one played) to try the deck archetypes in order of most popular to least popular (in the case of a tie, it will either come down to a second vote or preference)

3.) Voting will end on Monday at 12:00 pm PST. Afterwords, I will try and open up the first testing thread ASAP to begin the testing for the most voted archetype. In said thread, instead of posting a specific decklist, I will try and describe what the deck is aiming to fulfill/do and list some key cards that may help as a base, to give deck testers a better range of freedom in the deck-building process.

There is no tangible reward from participating (except for contributing to help create decks), as this is meant to be a way to engage the Forum community and help people, like myself, learn more about deckbuilding. I highly encourage all to participate, and have fun with this as well :grin:.


  • Heal Lyonar
  • Backstab/Move Songhai
  • Swarm Abyssian
  • Artifact Vetruvian
  • Draw Magmar
  • Wall Vanar
  • Other

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Community Deckbuilding Project 1: 'Stabhai'/Move or Backstab Songhai

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