Commonly used Neutral Rares recommended for maximum L'Kian unlocking


L’kian is an extremely good source of card draw. She is also extremely fun for newer players, as she can add cards to your hand that you have yet to unlock. Yes, you can get stuck with a card that you have no use for, but you can always just replace. I reccomend every single new player try to craft her.

Follow this short guide to help you choose what cards to craft in order to unlock her.

  • You need 3x of 6 Neutral Rares(Blue). Enter crafting mode and type “Rare” into the search bar and it will filter all the rare cards. Click on the Setting button next to the search bar and disable show SHIMIZAR.

  • Make sure you are looking at Neutral Cards in the CORE SET. SHIMIZAR cards WILL NOT CONTRIBUTE to unlocking L’kian.

  • If you have 2 of any rares go ahead and craft the third. Once you have 3x of 6 NEUTRAL CORE Rares in your collection, 3x Sworn Sister will be added to your collection.

  • If you need to craft all 18(6X3) then it will cost 1800 Spirit(18X100). Depending on your starting collection, it will probably be closer to 1000.

  • As of right now, there are 27 Total sets of Rares. Every month they add 1 more Rare Set to the game. In my list there are 15 useful to varying degrees of rares. Plenty to chose from.

1. Commonly Used By A Variety of Generals/Factions:

Sojourner- Card draw, useful but can outclassed by other card draw engines

Lightbender- AoE dispel. Extremely useful in some matchups.

Sunsteel Defender- Used in Magmar, and some Midrange Decks

Flameblood Warlock- Used in most Aggro Decks

2. Used By Specific Deck Types:

Canon of Mech- Used in Mech

Sword of Mech- Used in Mech

Crossbones- Used to counter Mech Decks

Grincher- Add a random weapon to your hand

3. Extremely Specific Decks Only:

Emerald Rejuv- Used in Healyonar, and rarely in Control Decks

Owlbeast Sage- Used in Arcanyst Decks (Spell Heavy)

Prismatic Illusionist- Used in Arcanyst Decks (Spell Heavy)

Abjuducator- Rarely used in spell heavy decks

Mana Forger- Rarely used in spell heavy decks

White Widow- Rarely used in Replace Decks

Elkowl- Rarely used in decks with a lot of buffing options

The remaining 12 Rares are not really used at all. In some hyper specific decks they might have a place but until you have a much stronger collection built up you will not be experimenting with them.


How do I get L'Kian?