Common fantasy trope tribes?


I know Duelyst doesn’t really fall into this category… it’s kind of a grab bag of different cool culture and gaming references with a dieselpunk/fantasy kind of feel.

That said… I would looooove to see tribal focus on at least a few of the classics… such as:
Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Orcs, Giants, Gnomes, etc.

Or if it "needs to be a bit off-center:
Lycanthrope, Centaur, Merfolk, Elemental, and… for the love of pete…


That is all :smiley:


I don’t think we will ever get regular fantasy folk in Duelyst since a long time ago the Devs said that it probably wouldn’t happen.

Hence why Party Elf got changed to Spriggin.


And I’m actually fine with it. I played lots of RPGs and got fed up on elves and stuff.


Yeah, and the reskins don’t add much either. Dark elves? Psshaw, why not have a bouncing incarnation of chaos itself while yer at it


A cat faction would be silly.


A battle pet faction…



You’re crazy.


I would say that I hope we don’t see (m)any typical fantasy tropes in duelyst, I mean we have already really, but I hope everything stays unique and looking like something which would only exist in Duelyst.


I take overly dramatic offense at your misrepresentation of my writing! I may be interested in a sample of your Internet bookmarks.


Tbh I have enjoyed the explorations Duelyst has made in this area with their twists on the “chimeric” trope tribes, like the gryphons and tauren. Astral Crusader falls into a tribe called “floating angel/demon-ish melee character” I believe.


Yeah, all of the “twist” thing is something I observed and mentioned… but how far down the path of “tribes” can we go before we start to hit those re-treads. I understand that it’s refreshing to not have those things… but we do… We have Lizardmen, we have Wizards, we have Drakes, Angels, Demons, Knights, Skeleton Warriors, and really if we’re honest, there’s Dwarves and Elves running around already but we’re just not calling them that so we can keep pretending the game is totally free from those classics.

I say, embrace the stuff that’s in the game… if it just means building tribes based on those things… that’s fine too, but I really enjoy tribal play… and not taking advantage, even of the elements already existing in the game is just silly to me. We can have those things without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

On a side note… I could probably point out the D&D equivalent of most if not all things in this game… According to Mark Twain there’s no such thing as an original idea.

EDIT: To clarify, I’m not saying the designs aren’t good here or that they don’t have their own flavor. They do. It’s part of the draw for me. Just saying an animated skeleton is still just that, even if you call it a Phantasm.


While I have nothing against “classic races” and elves in particular, I don’t think they fit into Duelyst as is. The closest race fitting without any “work” I can think of is naga.


Frostbone naga proves this


Shameless plug.


i’d actually prefer if duelyst embraced more of the sci-fi side of it.


I’d be good with that too… but if it’s more Anime-ish and less steampunk I might be out…


Maybe we’d get Hank Hart’s brother, General Dank Dart?

he’s be the best and worst general at the same time


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