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Come on, support team


I’ll have to agree to that. Oak is horribly underpowered and needs a rework. :expressionless:


Cause it says “reach” and not “be”

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Sounds like a bug. Never had any reset problems though.

Edit: Here is a game working properly unlike yours :expressionless:

Before trial complete.

After trial complete. (Summoned trent)

Opponent removes Howler. 4 tokens left.

Can still summon Nemeton


Here is a replay if u r intrested


Surely, the answer is ‘no’, because

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I suppose I got this wrong then. I still do think the wording is misleading though. :confused:


Hey @vbcfbhc, please keep the correspondence with the Support team private, in the sense that you can post about their answer, but not copy-pasta it or provide any sensitive information (personal and account information, reimbursements, compensations, etc.)
Will ask the others about this, don’t worry :wink:


Ok sorry, i was just kinda angry to receive such a reply, but that’s not the first time. Many replies i’ve got make me feel that your support team don’t even know what this game is, they just check what’s written on the cards and make up an explain that fit the circumstance.
I’m just so frustrated about how unreliable the official team is, if your people really don’t know if my reports are real bugs or some misunderstanding, plz at least go to ask a dev before reply.

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In the replay it looks like you could play the trial.

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That is because he can, I played Memetown before, I know my stuff! :slight_smile:


Here is OP’s replay highlight.

All seems fine. Opponent reduced a few token but trial is still complete…

… then after a trade… what the Thicket happened? :confounded:

Assuming the replay can be trusted and not a display bug then this is weird.


Oh by the way, when this bug happen the game will show “we hit a snag” and reconnect, which can’t be seen in replay

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That is why.


IMO, you misplace cause and consequence here. The trial was reset because you hit a snag. Disconnecting for any reason resets the Trial afaik.

I may be wrong though.


It does.


So it’s a bug that already known?
That’s somehow a good news
hope they fix it soon


I encontered the same bug again without disconnect, so it’s still a problem :frowning:
the common thing is this bug happens after my opponent complete his trial, maybe that’s what cause it.


This has been submitted to the QA team and a fix is being worked on. Thanks for reporting it, some specific interaction in Vanar’s case must have slipped between the cracks during the last Trial-related bug fix :thinking:

Bug with Oak in the Nemeton?

Huh, this is weird.

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