Colexiel's Archytect Deck


Hi everyone willing to click on the link, this is a deck I built maybe a few weeks ago and wanted some feedback on it. And yes as the name of it is Archytect it is a Structure Vetruvian deck.

Edit: Kinda forgot to put reasoning behind some cards, my bad.

Here are the ones that people might question.

Astral Flood: Simply because that +3 cards for 3 is god send in my opinion, saved my ass countless times either through replace material or some cheap bodies. I only run two because three feels like overkill and I wanted room for other things.

Wind Slicer: Aside from synergy with structures it’s still a decent 2 drop at 2/3, really my only reason there for having it in the deck.

Dominate Will: I only run one of these because it’s not only a 7 drop but because oddly enough the thing shows up often in my draws, not kidding. Other reason there is that I needed room for another high-cost spell. Also it’s fun to take control of someone’s High Cost Minion.

Circle of Desiccation: The hit or miss 8 Drop monstrosity of Vetruvian. Kill everything that isn’t an inanimate building. It’s primary purpose is kinda simple, kill everything in one fell swoop, bonus if any of my Obelysks are still alive. Yes this was also the card that I bumped off a possible second Dominate Will.


Seems pretty common (and efficient) as I see this FotM deck 90% of every Vetruvian I cross on ladder.

And to be honest, I only tolerate half a dozen match versus this common deck per day, after that I just concede on start so they rocket up to higher ranks where more talented and patient people will deal with them :smiley:


I feel like L’kian is almost always better than astral flood. She’s like an astral flood that always gives you a 2/4 for 1 mana that’s not a battle pet, and the token pet pool is mostly pretty bad. But than again, Vets got a lot of garbage in their faction cards, so who knows?


True, but Astral really does fill up your hand, and it makes for getting at least two cheap bodies on to the board, three in emergencies. But I mean that’s just my experience with the card.