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Coldharbour Forge (chat about Mech, Vanar or both)

lately i’ve been exerimenting with a few memes but my two main hard hitters are still - wall nemeton + locke.

an reflection embla

and sometimes a mix between the two.


How come you don’t play Drake Dowager in Nemeton?

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Don’t need (although you can actually place it instead of frostiva).
The trail usually met with every token on board + embla


Which deity should I sacrifice fluffy animals to in order to have this thread last more than 5 days? Too frequent bumps will quickly become annoying.



There was a thread with @alexicon1 discord account to send him a message. Just look in his profile to find it :slight_smile:


I know you never asked for it, but here’s your fun deck of the day.


We try to ignite a Deceptib0t combo, with some S.I.L.V.E.R.S for good value and a possible Metaltooth for Rush attack. The enablers are Aspect of Shim’Zar to force the combo, and Mark of Solitude to heal your Deceptib0t for another shot.

PS: Did you know that Gravity Well into Mark of Solitude is a surprisingly annoying opener, that works as P1?

We’re already doing all this for Db0t, so let’s have Thunderhorn as well, and Hearth Sister as your trusty mischievous friend.
We need another removal magnet, so Moonlit Basilisk on the 3-mana spot gives more serious chances to survive to the others. Look! We almost have a good string of “must answer” before the Deceptib0t summon.

Then what is the top-end going to be? If we reach that point, the Mech combo has failed, and we need some come-back potential, or at least go out in style. So here’s my awesome mix: Spriggin is going to provide a buffy provoke and plenty of cute tokens. Ideally you’ll electrocute all the enemy toons with a Thunderhorn of course. And otherwise, this board and the Gravity Wells can also be played defensively for Flawless Reflection.

  • :ballot_box_with_check: 9 turn one minions
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Card draw
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Ping artifacts
  • :no_entry_sign: Healing
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Area of Effect
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Removal / Answers
  • :wheelchair: Burst damage
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Win Conditions
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Ramp or speed
  • :crown: Memery

As usual, comments and advice welcome!


Aurorab. And the vanar mech, thank me later


I tried Auroraboros, it was ok-ish but slow. I should give Echo Deliverant a spin. Thanks!


Mark of Solitude is a trigger word for me, one moment while I create a list.



Nostalgia Vanar.


Wouldn’t there be a turn key Mechaz0r package with 3x Deceptib0t, exactly 1 Nightmare Operant and exactly 1 Alter Rex?

If you have Alter Rex I would love that you give it a try. For science. :grin:

Maybe like this:


I’m not actually sure what you’re going for here. If you don’t draw the other pieces first, it would require three (!) DECEPTIB0T triggers to get to MECHAZ0R, which is a lot to ask. Plus, in order to get any value out of Rexx you’ll probably need it to survive a turn on board, which is another big ask. Finally, Dying Wish is a fine shell, but the Mech package doesn’t seem to fit very well with the rest of the deck.

More broadly, using Operants with DB0T to try to pull MECHAZ0Rs is an intriguing idea, but hard to put into practice given the amount of setup you need before the payoff. It’s a lot of work already to actually get DB0T to trigger, and it feels really bad if your reward is just a 3/2 with no immediately relevant abilities. That being said, here’s a draft of how I might try to build it:

A minimal Dying Wish package allows you to use Nekomata as a pseudo-tutor to hopefully find Operants and stack the deck with MECHAZ0Rs for DB0T.

Another more outlandish idea would be to use Q’orrhlma’a. If you can find an Operant early, Mr. Q will leave it as the only valid DECEPTIB0T pull in your deck. However, this approach, while meme-worthy, is certainly even more inconsistent.


Excellent post, thank you. Alter Rex really doesn’t cut it when compared to Silver in that scenario, you’re right.

I will probably try a deck of this sort.
-1 Silver
-2 Nightmare Operants
+3 movement tools and/or swarm synergy cards
Would be my changes

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Instead of Rexx, how about using Mirrorrim after Mechazor?


If you’re going down Operants I would also cut one Neko. Then (assuming you haven’t drawn the Operant early) Neko will be a guaranteed tutor for Operant + replace fodder (the worthless additional Neko).

I like this idea a little more than Rexx, but it still relies on having a Mirrorim at the right time (not too hard) and then also getting further DB0T triggers to pull the shuffled MECHAZ0Rs (much more difficult, especially since it will be very late in the game if you’ve managed to get this far already).


Currently I’m unsure about cutting Nekomatas down to 2. It could be an option, but it really reduces the chances of the Mech angle happening, doesn’t it?

How about this?
I went with a more control approach instead of swarm, in order to try and provide a “must-answer” minion every step leading to the Deceptib0t summon.

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Your list looks fine, although even with fewer swarm cards I still think Banishing is a better choice for Lilithe than Punish. I was just playing a Gauntlet draft in which Vale Hunter + DFC was one of the primary win conditions :slightly_smiling_face:

My reasoning with the Nekos is that while cutting one copy does reduce your odds of drawing them, having 3x Neko and 1x Operant leaves with a 1/3 chance of your Neko’s Dying Wish getting you just two more copies of itself and no Operant, which is a big tempo hit.



I would say Marhv would be better with this deck (although I don’t remember how to build with Maehv)

I have to go so I will leave a more through explanation in a few hours.

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I played a few games again with 2x Neko and 1x Operant, and never saw the shadow of either. I will continue because it might just be a streak of bad luck. But if that’s what normal odds are, I’m inclined to go with 3x Nekomata and run the risk of “bad tutoring” - it’s not much worse than not drawing at anything after all.

@epicflygon eager to see your explanation here. Azure Horn Shaman too mainstream? :stuck_out_tongue: I like the Repulsor beast of course.


You see, I haven’t played Maehv in over a year so I’m not upto scratch with how they look.

I would say that Shaman does dilute the pool of Dying Wishes as I don’t know if it is always good to have Shaman. I went with the 3 2 1 ratio as if I draw 1 Neko and 1 Dying Wish I get full value from Neko. Generally with tutors you want to play the most copies of the card you search with and the mininum of the card you want to search if it is a apart of the combo.

Most of the choices are from me forgetting how the deck is built and trying to build it but I still believe that Maehv is the general you want to use.