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ColdBiter Faie - Alplod's (Stupid) Gimmicky Ideas


Continuing discussion from here: Archetype Inquiries - Artifact Vanar
Inspired by Gandalf vs Brome [WHO WOULD WIN]

Hey, guys!

I’ve done something beautifully annoying. It’s inconsistent, expensive, but so hillarious when it works properly… I have a lots of fun and don’t have other choice since I wasted 6k spirit on this.

I post it here since I hope happy memers dwelling here may have something to say about this deck:


Coldbiter+Dredger or Wanderlust for Avalanche.

Tracer for leaving your side of the board.

Mirrorrim+Mentor or Fugitive for burn.

Lots of stall and control - Enfeeble, Shroud, Frostburn, Gravity Well all ready to be Alcuined for infinite reusability while you stun all nearby minions with Coldbiter+Winterblade.

It even works sometimes!

Any thoughts?



I love the idea. I tried making a similar deck with Ilena before (I can’t get myself to play Faie) but there is just not enough damage without that Warbird bbs.



Damn son this is beautiful!
Second wardl’s opinion, faie is better with artifacts.
I would however drop frostburn since on 6 mana this is weak.
You have gravity well soo… maybe aotm?



She definitely is. I remember playing artifact Faie before the release of Ilena. I just feel bad when I warbird my way to victory. But maybe this deck is what I need to have fun with Faie.

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You can always include grone lion and piercers and riddle you enemy with stab wounds.



Honestly, Warbird is just too good and meshes well with everything, no context. Ileny mostly needs tools and techs to make her headbashy tentencies less suicidal and her control stabler instead of further shoving “IF STUNNED” gimmicks.

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I played the deck a bit and got to use all the cards except The Dredger, Morrorim and Aspect. It doesn’t look like games take long enough to get to the sweet point where I can chain avalanche my opponent. I did get an awesome clear with all three Coldbiters equiped though. Maybe replace the Mirrorims with Hearth-Sisters for more positional synergy.



Yeah, I do not Avalanche often, but it’s awesome against ArtiReva and Trial Sajj.

Speaking of Frostburn - it’s the only way to deal with Lilithe for me. Coldbiter is not enough. Mountain aspect has limited range, so I’m not sure on it.

In my games mirrorring Mentor saved me a couple of times. I played mentor 5 times in one game for insane burn.

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So uhm btw, i noticed this topic just after i was start thinkering about a deck around dredger+avalanche (just cause i opened 2 dredgers from orbs and the idea behind it looks cool) but everything i come up with looks just way too slow…

the idea of keeping the general in an infinte loop of avalanches looks entertaining but you should either use it with alcuin loremaster or fugitive… which means you need a lot of mana, and you should avid dying in the meantime… I’ll let you know if I manage to assemble anything that brings me over bronze tier :smiley:

Pretty sure I wouldn’t use mirrorim (i just hate that card), aspect, concealing shroud (who am i? a pussy? real man endure the pain, even though faie is a…semi-girl? you could argue) silhouette tracer, winterblade and coldbiter (to focus on the general alone), and maybe add something to discount spells (namely, abju and manaforger) or ramp…

Think think…



Initial design from @crashdummy (link is in the OP) uses manaforger and Mali Wisp to ramp, but no Mentors, so I guess you could go that route. But Shroud is essential. Vanar has no healing, this is the only way to preserve your health.

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first match, well that was fun, avalanche is a card i always loved



Your decklist, please?

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That’s basically the first thing i came up with.

Healing is for pussies.
Me likes movement.

Kinda, guess i’ll try it a bit and adjust it accordingly.



Btw your match reminds me of a match I won against Reva. I stunlocked 2 Hamons with Winterblade+Coldbiter for several turns :rofl:




avalanche <3 (alert it contains one bad misplay for me and a topdeck win, like only real champs do)

Edit: another one

dredger to save the day vs an aymara

Ok guess i can stop shitposting, but it looks fun, 4 wins in the first 5 matches in S rank (which is not as hard as before etc etc, but me likes the deck so far)



so this is what you meant



Exactly. I feel promoting my post everywhere is a bit arrogant, but hinting on it is perfectly acceptable :slight_smile:

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Well, guess i’m kinda hijacking this thread but I guess it’s a good place to discuss a similar deck.
I did some tweaking and made it basically an aggro deck with a twist. Gotta say it’s quite fun cause basically no one expects glacial fissure or avalanche…

The only card that still doesn’t convince me is alcuin. It’s nice cause it’s some kind of wild card, sometimes it’s fun to steal opponent’s spell, and at worst you can cycle the spell, but most of the time it works like an overcosted cryptographer since the key spells are expensive.

Btw I’ve discovered tm that wanderlust only works on minions not on your side of the battlefield, which imho is both lazy design and bad wording (what a surprise) cause A we have already cards that just prioritize targets and B there isn’t written anywer that it doesn’t work on minions already on your starting side. So it could have worked a-la painful pluck givin priority to the ones not on your side but still teleporting randomly the ones already there… oh well…

Adding a couple of replays for the lulz



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