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Cold Stone - Slow Tempo Golem deck


Somehow I mostly lose against Underlord decks. Cause, you know, my memes are as slow, but not as effective.

So I tried to make something original around the idea of mass dispels, which is hated not only by Underlord, but also by Egg Rag and…well, mass dispels are generally annoying.

So here I present a deck with minions which are not afraid of dispell (guess, who) - golems. With some added minions who benefit from dispell.

[cold stone]MTo1NTgsMjo1MDYsMzo1MTcsMzo1NjEsMjoxMDIwNCwzOjEwMzA2LDM6MTA5NzgsMzoxMTA0MSwzOjExMDkyLDM6MTEwOTMsMzoxOTAzOCwyOjIwMTM0LDI6MjAxMzYsMzoyMDE2MCwyOjIwMjA3LDI6MjAyMTE=

The idea is to produce critical mass of stats using beneficial trades via Breacher, which then either fly to the opponents side with Lightning Blitz, or slowly go to your side, while you keep the opponent occupied with Avalanche. Heartsistering Golems is also fun.

The list also employs some ramp in the form of wisps/metallurgist. Dropping Lightbender/EMP after Mali feels very satisfying. If you have spare mana and tempo, hailstoning wisp was also fun a couple of times.

Excessive amount of dispell makes anyone but Wanderer shy, since, you know, every minion on board becomes vanilla, and golems are the best of all minions in being vanilla.

Played a couple of games high gold/low diamond, but it’s too early to present any statistics. Feels OK so far.

That said, I feel the deck lacks something and maybe it could be faster. I also lack comeback mechanics mostly (except frostburn, but its effectiveness is limited).

Any thoughts?


@Alplod the sarlac slayer

Meltwater Moose for bigger stats and Dispel love? Essence Sculpt to get more copies of Killer Moose?

That is the only things that come to mind.



Hm, Moose is good. But Golems can be ramped with Metallurgist, and also usable with Breacher, dunno what is better…

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Nice! You know who also likes dispell? Marauder :wink:



Why L’Kian? Is Vanar that lacking in draw?

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I assume that spelljammer has some anti-synergy with mass dispel tools or it could also be that bouncing a L’Kian and summoning it again is helpful?

I’m sure all of these are wrong, but I just wanted to mention them because they sound funny enough to play.

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@halcyon98, Vanar is that lacking draw. Though I’m thinking of testing Hunt in the list.

@phoenixtoasches, your suggestions are funny, but in reality sis is here for asymmetric immediate draw. Also, since I don’t play much Vanar I assumed her randomness may give me an idea what to include. It was a case with Avalanche, I didn’t play it at first, but randomly got it and it worked perfectly. And you’re right, Jammer would be pretty awkward to play here.

I’m actually surprised why nobody asks of Illena.



I love the name, here is my hand at a quick draft:


This seems very similar to my tempo/spirit decks, of which in a time long before marauder and moose I also tried out golems:






You have made my Golem Cass proud :slight_smile: Now we only need a Golem Songhai list to fully complete the circle.



Initiate operation Brimstone



The problem with Golem Songhai is that the faction’s package doesn’t go well with golems. Of non Golem-specific factions:

  • Abyss has cheap and effective point removal which helps to sustain tempo + heals to go lategame.

  • Vanar has cheap point removal and ramp, which help to sustain tempo, and stall ability of stun + some movement effects as a bonus.

  • Songhai has not much tempo positive plays, which makes Golems impossible to play. I dunno, maybe comeback with wreath, painter is worthwhile, loads of movement is also nice, but I don’t believe in Hai Golems.



Yes I was thinking something like Kaleos, MDS/Juxta, Metallurgist, Celebrant, Hailstone, Breacher, EMP plus whatever would work with those. But I don’t play Songhai, so maybe that just won’t work in practice.



Which is weird because Songhai got Ox… Wait, can we try Golem Ox?



We may try whatever, but Golems have no immediate impact, and OX decks (as well as Titan) like to play immediate impact units.

That said, maybe it’s a place for Vanquisher which actually has immediate impact. Maybe some meme Manakite Worldcore ramp…

Hm. I should try building one :slight_smile: I got Hai quest, so…

Edit. Seems shitty as I predicted.



Can confirm. Surely i’m lacking the impact needed to keep them up as i still need to buy Drill Nipple Golems, but boy howdy it is hard to keep them functional.

Currently attempting to overload on unity-copying to magnify summon-spamming (dream first hand always is P2 Metallurgist/Mirror Meld, 3 Protocols in the deck so boys can bumrush threats when possible. Songhai can use that side of their package to have so much cost reduction it can be ridiculous.

Then i suck at piloting and die.

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Tbh, I tried max ramp and no spells. Maybe going heavy on control package (lightbender, wreath, painter, ass) could prove more useful. Manakite Drifter is too huge of a tempo loss anyway. I could be overmemeing.

But OMG, how much I want Sirocco in Golem OX…



Fun history lesson I guess, The Scientist, arguably one of the best Duelyst players ever (though not the best :p) used to test Golem Faie rather extensively back in 2016, which also happens to be when I queued into him while in Gold while he just hit S1.

On topic though, fun idea in concept but without heavy Vaath presence and the better Songhai lists playing burn I’m unsure how effective this Golem angle seems to be if I’m being frank.



I never said it is close to the top of the meta. It’s fun and playable though. Currently about 60-65% wr in low diamond.

And yeah, I remember the list you’re speaking of. But I’ve seen it from Zoochs or Grincher I believe.

@eurasianjay, do you have any idea about Golem Hai?

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