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Cloudfrog's Mecha Combo Sajj (warning: several known bugs)

Hi guys, this deck is pretty fun when it works.


  • Rae: helps you summon the larger minions
  • Golem Suite: good starting game
  • Aymara: Stall, alternate wincon

Main Combo:

  • Deceptibot + blast -> Silver and Tooth with blast and rush

Auxillary to Combo:

  • Ghoulie: combos with golems, combos with mechs and silver. Is not tutored by deceptibot(this part is important)
  • Astral Phasing

Classic Combo when Main Combo Doesn’t work:

  • Metal + Silver. they should be less than 11 health by turn 8 anyways

These ones, I added because they work really well for tempo and provides me with alternate wincon

  • second wish (good face)
  • Starfire Scarab (this does literally what the entire deck does without having to go through the convoluted process I made)
  • blaze hound (in case i don’t draw dreamshaper). becomes Answer or die when buffed


  • sajj
  • swirl
  • ankh
  • Kproj when desperate
    it’s all very soft. If I was using hard removal, i was losing anyway. So figured I should just spam Answer or Dies by the end of the game (Silv, Aymara, Scarab). tactic works surprisingly well. especially vs wanderers who’ve lost most of their removal by then. the tempo of these cards are great too.

Half the battle of this game is vs the game bugs. take note and achieve victory

  • mechs interact strangely in contact with stat buffs (whether it’s the enemy that’s going to die or it’s the mech itself).

  • do NOT put astral phasing or Kproj on silver in hopes of transferring it to your other mechs. put it on deceptibot. You can also put it on ghoulie for a cheeky surprise later.

  • do NOT reduce the number of metaltooth below 2 in the decklist. Deceptibot bugs 100% of the time when this is the case.

  • deceptibot, sometimes, does not count buffed/dispelled minions killed.

  • summoned deceptibots with rush almost always summons only 1 minion at best. Do not count on an extra 2-7 damage that will come your way.


Wow it really looks like a string of urban legends. :frowning:
Thanks for persevering with this deck and taking the time to flag all the bugs you found.

Edit: Wait, this means I must test my own deck again, that has only one Metaltooth? :tired_face:


maybe. I haven’t tried 1 tooth 1 Silver ratio.

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Its seems you’re right, 1 Metaltooth and 1 S.I.L.V.E.R definitely seems buggy, I can’t get them to multi-spawn as intended in my matches against the Lilithe AI. :poop: I updated my post in the Cat-Loving Vetruvian Thread with a warning about this bug. Gah.


i like how S.I.L.V.E.R. can share Second Wish’s effect, that works right?

no 15characters


Cause it’s not a simple keyword.

Effects that are copied are:

  • Airdrop
  • Frenzy
  • Blast
  • Provoke
  • Forcefield
  • Celerity
  • Rush
  • Ranged
  • Flying
  • Rebirth
  • Backstab (n)
  • Grow (+n/+n)

and only these.

Abhorrent Unbirth is the same.

Speaking of which, rebirth is impossible with mechs, and airdrop is useless.


So is Neuolink, I heard. So your General won’t be summoning any Dervishes.

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Even if it theoretically got the keyword, it would vanish until the start of the turn anyway.

But I would love to have dervish summoning Abomination.

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It only lasts for a turn? That’s sad.

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Erm… Nobody wants Sajj with inherent blast or flying…or anything for that matter. If it was the case, you’ve already noticed numerous whine threads.


Wow what an amazing and deeply researched comment! Good job on that.

And yeah @bepoest it really sounds like some urban legend…

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saw an additional bug where silvers with rush cannot move on their first turn. don’t know what it’s associated with yet

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