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Cloudfrog’s final deck Doublecuck zirix-aggro version

Punish people for not running dispel. Aggro the hell out of everyone who does.

You know the combo.

This version capitalizes on abjudicator’s effect. 0 mana 1st wish is broken, and so is starting with a topdecked 6/5 immune to general minion.

dont hold on to mirage if there’s a lucrative opportunity aka
Machine gun vesypr, rush minions, lyonar grandmaster, rot9, shadowdancer etc

trade 4/2 abjudicator for a swarm and/or sticky 3/4 minions. It’s my favorite vetruvian removal these days.

Other notes: 3/1khas are better options for punishing. you can do up to 12-15 damage.

rasha>boneswarm to tech ragnora’s forcefield.

Feel free to swap divine spark for something with a higher curve. Sandwirl,boa. if your Combo isnt quite getting you kills, try running orbrider or an alcuin.


Sry for the terrible pic. I made it on switch and screenshots were disabled. I also messed up by not starting with the general. Now there’s no url for it.


Might actually play this. Will be the first time I have played Vet in a while.


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