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[CLOSED] Duelyst Lore Contest November 2018 - January 2019


Hiya folks and welcome to the November 2018 - January 2019 Duelyst Lore Contest. For all who’re new, this contest is all about testing your literary skills in context of the Duelyst universe (so you’re gonna write about it

Your topic:

Holiday Fever!

Come up with a unique Duelyst inspired holiday for a faction, tribe, or named group in Duelyst and present it in literary form!

Contest Rules and Regulations:

  • 250 word minimum (Flavor text and Title not included)

  • 1-2 sentences of flavor text and/or title

  • Submissions are valid only in this thread. Please direct all other inquiries/discussion to the dedicated Feedback Thread.

  • Only one submission per user will be honored towards the contest.

  • Submission and editing period is from November 17 - January 13 11:59pm PST

  • Submissions by current jury members and/or the contest host are not eligible for prizing

  • The top ten jury entries will go to a community voting round from January 17 - 21 11:59pm PST

  • No Plagiarism. Original posts only.

  • All Submissions will follow the Forum Moderation Policy

Submission Format:


Name of Card

Bolded Flavor Text/Title

Submission Text


  • Give Proper Context to the Holiday (It should make sense given the geographical location and known traditions of the faction/tribe)

  • Give it a unique name. Unique names help differentiate your holiday from the others and should give the audience an idea as to what’s being celebrated (though it doesn’t have to).

  • You’re not limited to simply describing your holiday. Yes, you’re story has to be centered around it (or what it stands for), but you can totally do a narrative, carol, log/blog of a person going through the holiday experience, etc…

  • If you’re doing a first person/perspective scene; be sure to use some sensory details. A healthy balance between description and actual plot progression keeps the reader engaged.

  • HAVE FUN! Contests designed around games are meant to be enjoyed so don’t be so stressed or judgemental about your work .


  • 1st place - 5 Spirit orbs + Loremaster forum title + Place in Jury for next contest (henceforth abbreviated as JNC)

  • 2nd place - 4 Spirit Orbs + JNC

  • 3rd place - 3 Spirit Orbs + JNC

  • All other eligible entries will be awarded 1 Spirit Orb

The Jury

Happy Holidays to all, I look forward to seeing you all next year!

Was debating between fever and fervor, but decided to go with fever in honor of the wicked period of illness people seem to go through this time of year. Stay healthy everyone!

Thank you to all who were invested in this contest series. It’s been my immense pleasure to host this and I hope that we come together again in better circumstances.

Stay Creative!

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Finally! I get to be a literary critic!



Beware: I’m a tough critic.


Holiday Fever Sample Entry


The Magmar celebrate few things; the (re)birth of a friend, the sprouting of a great tree, the end of a war are some of a few, but the one they revere the most is, oddly enough, not of their earthy continent. It’s a trade brought from a foreigner, the delicacy called cake.

You see, the Maagari, for all their power of foresight, develop few things. And who can blame them? They need not for warmth, constant eruptions provide heat in abundance. They need not tools, deadly claws and hulking muscle are boundless in utility. And they hardly want for messengers, telepathic abilities give them enough headaches as it were.

No, for the Maagari, natural functions supply their basic necessities, what they didn’t expect was how much they loved their luxuries.

The Lyonar in contrast advanced quite quickly. Constant harassment from local fauna ushered a need for metallurgy, wide expanses with region locked resources led to complex navigation networks, and an excess of fertile land led to the widespread integration of agriculture. They conquered the food chain in Celadine and soon spread their influence throught the continent.

And so, after seemingly conquering the vast lands of Celadine, the Lyonar set their sights overseas.

Pooling their resources and bargaining with aestari ship magnates, they soon acquired a vast fleet of trading ships ready to brace the high seas in search of new trade and commerce.

To the songhai they exchanged blade for blade, the secrets of sturdy blades for the hidden edge known only to xenkai. To the vetruvian they exchanged their means of health for protection. As none other than the vetruvian were able to fashion steel strong enough to endure the harsh desert winds.

And so, having expanded their network to the known world, they set their eyes south, to the old earthen continent of Maagari where need was as rare as finding a pen large enough to fit a Maagari claw. To them they traded one of the most valuable of their wares, they traded their cuisine.

The proliferation of agriculture brought with it an abundance of bread, of cooked meals, and of sweets. The hot and humid climate of Maagari was perfectly suited towards the cultivation of sugarcane. A deal was struck, a sample taken, and to this day, a path into the ember highlands is cleared for the annual harvest.

For thirteen days, the sugarcane is cut, collected, and replanted depending on the amount of harvests it’s been through. The outcome; several Kolossi worth of sugar and thirteen days of celebration within Maagari.

Each day introduces a new confection to represent the thirteen aspects. Hard candy for Starhorn, chewy taffy for Vaath, and layered cakes for Ragnora to name a few. Each year brings different versions of the confections and with each year the Magmar are further and further engrossed in their baking craft. And each year the furnaces are filled with jovial cheer!


My hands smell like ham…

It’s been a wonderful Thursday :blush:

Don’t forget your submissions!


We’re on the day before December folks, do you feel the holidays yet?


oh crap i forgot


KRAA! Finals are hell for all involved, but I’m sure those of you who’re going through them will make it :wink:

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Merry Christmas everybody, and to all a Happy Holidays!


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Uhh…anyone got a submission they wanna turn in? Last chance of the year folks (then you’ll have to wait ‘till next year :wink: )


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Hi everyone, I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful New Year Celebration! With that said, there’s only two more weeks until the submission period ends, two more weeks to vie for the title of Loremaster so if you do have a submission please try to get it in before then.

Now for some bad news.

Taking into account the current state of the game, I have decided to put any future lore contests on hold. Until an official statement on the fate of the game going forward is released, it would be unfair to ask of anyone to devote time and effort towards this contest and the rewards it promises.

That being said, I’ve enjoyed hosting these contests and it wasn’t an easy decision to put this on hiatus. It’s for the best, but I’m still really going to miss the stuff you posted, it put a smile on my face and was generally a good time.

Anyways, I hope this finds you well, see you in 2 weeks


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I’ll be judging this round, but I’d gladly write something up if I get the time. :sweat_smile:

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