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Client does not patch



My Duelyst client has a weird issue when patching: it patches regularly until about 20-40%, when suddenly the patch starts over at 1% and loads really slow, eventually stagnating at 10-20%. I’ve left it on overnight too and it still didn’t work.

I also redownloaded and reinstalled the client, and attempted to patch numerous times. The patch still doesn’t work.

On patch day, the patch initially went through and I could play, but later on, it patched again and that was were the issue started occuring.

Operating System:


System Specs:

i5 2.8ghz, 8gb RAM, Intel Iris


Similar problem here. I’m also on Mac and i haven’t been able to play because when the patch gets installed it immediately says “error” and show’s the “install” green button again, so i’m endlessly trying to install it.

Tried reinstalling Duelyst again too, re-downloaded it and everything, and the same thing happened.


yeah i keep getting the same thing and im on windows 8


Has anyone been able to re-install since the latest patch? The download issues are pretty constant and we’re hoping that folks that have issues downloading from our CDN will be better served via Steam. Did everyone here sign up for Steam Preview? I could expedite your keys.


i found a way around the problem it seems, while i was loading the beta (im web browser) and clicking update client it seemed to push it through. maybe it was luck tho. not sure. but where do i sign up for that?


I’ve been having constant trouble updating since the mid month patch this July. I signed up for Steam with a Mac, though I have acquired a Windows PC in the meantime so that won’t be an issue.


Has there been any solution for this? Just tried opening the client and got the error.


Got the same error now, btw.

@isbee, are you proud of me?


Very. :laughing: