Clarification of new keyword "Blood Surge" needed


Heya, the official description of Blood Surge is this:

What is Blood Surge?
Blood Surge is an effect that procs after you utilize your Bloodborn Spell

so what exactly counts as “utilizing”? Do i have to click the UI element below my generals portrait? What about a spell I got from Alcuin Loremaster or Twilight Sorcerer? If these work, does it also proc from opponent’s BBS?


Use for us commoners… it’s after you use ur bbs
On alcun it’s a spell I think pretty sure it becomes a regular spell.


Thats actually a great question. I would think it makes sense that use from the action bar counts as use of your bbs, and would activate bloodsurge. That would certainly be a buff to arcanysts, who need it tbh.


Tbh it’s a tough question. I am pretty sure only duelyst developper can answer because we haven’t more detail about bloodborn spell. Both are possible atm. If you play alcuin you have exactly the same type ‘spell’ as it is written. It depends how they implemented Bloodborn spell (inheriting and polymorphism).


The thing is that the bbs cooldown isn’t reset after you cast the copy of a bbs (from alcuin). So I believe as it is written “procs after you utilize your Bloodborn Spell” it only proc after your real bbs.

To be clear the copy of bbs doesn’t affect the bbs cooldown. If I follow the same logic it won’t affect Blood Surge effect neither.


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