Clan/Guild System for Duelyst anyone? (Open for discussion)


So I would like to introduce the topic of a Clan/Guilds system. I was imagining it consisting of about 5 or 6 members (dont want it having a 30 because it would just be all S rank players in one or two unbeatable Guilds. Maybe the smaller size will encourage diversity with the classes being used between the 5-6 members.

There should be a Guild Ladder button added alongside the season ladder so that the player can choose when to have theirwins/losses added to the guild’s stats
Winning battles will obviously award your guild with experience points and maybe there can be monthly prizes for the top 10 guilds that perform the best comparing their overall wins/loss ratio.

I think it would be a cool idea to add a community recognition to the player’s without having to cross check forums for top player info. Think of it as a sort of group prestige system which would perfectly suit a game based around war


I mean it all sounds nice on paper but you got to keep in mind how the game is still essentially a 1v1. As such I don’t see much points in having clans or guilds, basically groups that are supposed to work together to achieve some sort of goal when in reality everyone is just playing their own game and contributing their stats with no real teamwork involved.

When it comes to prestige, there’s already an S ranking and people don’t take that too seriously either. If players want to prove themselves and be taken seriously they will play tournaments and not ladder.

I mean, it would be fun I guess. It’s an incentive to create friendships and gives a sense of community to some degree but that’s about it. I don’t think it would have too big of an impact on the game as a whole.


Since team battles have been shown on the roadmap, I can see something like this happening in the future. As for now, something like this could be fun, but I would rather the Developers streamline the single player experience first.


What you described already kind of exists and it’s called Team Wars. It doesn’t happen on a ladder, it’s a tournament and it requires your team to win with each faction. I don’t see a guild system being added anytime soon.


We’d love to explore stuff like this in the future.