Church of the Mankantor (The state of Magmar thread 12/17/2016)


Church of the Mankantor(The state of the Magmar thread 12/17/2016)


  1. This is a MAGMAR thread,It is bias towards Magmar issues.This thread isn’t about the overall health of game but overall health of one faction.You don’t like that Magmar is strong or Magmar player are complaining about the faction even though they are strong this isn’t the place for you.Seriously go start your own thread.

  2. Try not be completely negative,Please make this a place where Counter play games can get good feedback.If you put something bad try to mention what you would do to fix it.

  3. This thread isn’t going be close because of stupid argument you will be reported.

Now on to the Good Stuff

  • What do you think of new cards now that we can see all of them? Give them each a rating with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest

Entropic Gaze
Tectonic Spikes
Valknu’s Seal

  • As a Magmar player how do you feel about new cards and direction of class?

  • What did you first try out?What deck are you currently playing?

  • Magmar is clearly one of the strongest factions if not the strongest.In Duelyst we all know this means some sort of change is going to come if you were a dev what you change? Bare in mind that after Shimzar Vet faction look very strong but when the meta settled Vet was wasn’t that good because people learned to counter their tools.The expansion has been out 2 days now bare in mind once decklist get solidify they can be countered.

You can discuss what ever Magmar related topics you feel like here the questions are just there to generate conversation.

The Magaari Parish [Bloodborn era]

I encourage people to make their own threads about their own favorite not to compete or offend other threads, but to allow the sharing of faction ideas and deck-lists; and to help developers to identify and possibly solve archetype and playstyle issues related to factions.


Holy Makantor! Enough of this diplomatic stuff! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To be honest: It’s too early for me to get in a qualified discussion. But you know me - sooner or later I’ll be back! :hatched_chick:


All solid 5/5 except Thraex 3/5 and Valknu 1/5


Right, let’s do this. I’ll probably post a longer analysis/opinion piece with predictions towards the future when the meta has settled more but I’ll give my quick thoughts so far.

1.I can only evaluate the cards I have so there will be a few missing. I’ll also judge mostly on what I think is good design and ‘fair’. So not based on what is the strongest, apologies for that.

By far my favourite card in the whole set for its combination of great art, playability and design.
Rancour is great for the faction, not just because it’s a sorely needed 2-drop but because it represents (I think at least) the direction ‘defensive Magmar’-cards should go. ‘Defensive’ cards are cards that protect your General/lifepoints from harm, whether this is by providing a shield, healing, armour or distance between you and the opponent. Initially I assumed Magmar would have the theme of ‘regeneration’ in the long run defense wise, with healing cards and cards that hurt themselves. CP, however, seems to want to make Abyssian and Lyonar the healing factions.

Rancour is the first step in a different direction for General-protection. Your General cannot heal and does not have any defenses but if you hurt him there will be consequences. This fear of reprisal is something that should be carried through into the future for Magmar and I honestly think another minion like Rancour but more defensive at the 5 or 6 slot would be excellent. Example: A 6 mana 4/6 with effect: whenever your general takes damage, deal that much damage to nearby enemies.

But enough theorizing about the future, let’s look at Rancour itself. A great 2-drop, both defensively and offensively. It is a threat that needs to be dealt with and the second playable 2 mana Magmar minion. It’s health is nicely balanced so that it can be easily taken out and will at the most get 2 hits in. Strong but not overpowered in my opinion, this is the Magmar equivalent of Chakri Avatar and fits nicely into the Self-Harm archetype.
Rating: 5/5

Entropic Gaze:
This card is maybe too strong in my opinion. If it wasn’t limited to the general it would definitely overpowered. It’s part of the “Make Starhorn viable” push. On the surface, it seems balanced.

Essentially you as Magmar pay 2 mana to draw a card and do 2 damage to the opponent. The opponent trades 2 damage for an extra card. (or at least that’s how I choose to rationalize it). That seems like a fair trade, aside from the fact that it is outside of the opponent’s control. It being out of the opponents control coupled with the low cost of the card makes this more a nuke than an actual card-draw. This is unhealthy and denies the opponent a chance to exploit the Magmar faction’s weakness: reach. It should be more a card-draw card than a nuke in my opinion so I’d like to see it shifted towards that.
I’m fairly certain this card will receive a nerf somehow, whether it’s reducing the damage done or increasing the cost by one or two.

a 3/5 because it’s not really fun and not doing the thing it was most likely designed for. (card-draw)

This is, in essence, the general version of Thumping Wave. It seems CP wants to make Magmar do huge chunks of damage out of hand. If you leave a minion up and focus on the Magmar General they will Thumping Wave the minion and do 5-9 damage. If you kill the minion and leave the Magmar General alone they will Drogo and hit you for 6-8 damage. This ties into Rancour’s design description I gave above, with Thumping Wave fulifilling the same role as Rancour as a “focus the General” prevention. This was also very much designed to make ‘solo’ Vaath more powerful seeing as it was most likely designed when that archetype was on the rise.

While strong, I think it’s fair for Vaath. One might argue that it can be too powerful with Claws, but if you leave claws up for a turn and let Vaath stick near you, you honestly deserve what you get. You can also never play Claws + Drogo + BBS on the same turn unless you’re at turn 9. And currently the game seems to be heading towards the state that if you’re at 9 mana the game should be over and things are going to get bonkers (See Variax). The only way to pull off this combo before 9 is with 3 cards: Flash + Drogo + Claws + BBS for a total of 7 mana. Very strong but difficult to pull off.

Rating: 4/5 does what is intended, is a cool design and unless more Magmar General buffs come out (which likely will happen but they’re not here yet) balanced.

I’m getting a massive headache so I’m going to stop here for now and continue later. (You may have noticed my reviews have become less extensive the longer I’m typing. Headache…)

May you all walk favourable dreams in the name of The Immortal, The Warbeast and the Holy Golden Chrysalis.


I’m a loser, so I don’t have ANY of the new Magmar cards. My opinions on our new tools will thus be based on a lot of premature assumptions, but I’ll do it anyway =p

I was at the very bottom of Diamond when the patch hit (I think I had 0 or 1 chevron in rank 5 at the time) and I’ve only played almost 20 games since. I’m now in rank 3 with my old Keeper Magmar and Aggro Argeon decks. One of the big reasons I’m still managing to climb is because the vast majority of decks I’ve faced are clearly experimental, or the opponent doesn’t have access to some or all of their new tools (like me).

Learning new cards means players are more liable to be making misplays, and new cards mean that predicting what threat to work around is slightly harder in the beginning. Every game I’ve lost so far, I felt I lost because I either misplayed like an idiot, didn’t think around their possible new tools, or simply didnt draw/replace into the cards I needed.

I’ve fought two Starhorn decks so far, I think. Lost one, won one. Lost one because I misplayed, won one because Aggro Argeon can be stupidly fast too. Having said that, I’ve seen several matches on twitch and what not and I can see how completely ridiculous Starhorn consistent burst can be. It’s ridiculous and I even think that the synergy might be a little too good, sure, but remember that the meta has barely even settled.

I don’t know how the meta is further up the ladder at the moment, but one thing I can say from where I’m at right now is that people are still struggling to adapt to the new cards. A Starhorn aggro deck post-expansion is very easy to make, it doesn’t take a lot of brain power to know what cards to test out in that archetype. By contrast, while other factions have gotten access to some crazy cool stuff (and some of these can directly mitigate Starhorn’s burst), it’s significantly harder to build a deck around their new tools.

Trinity Oath is fantastic, but that doesn’t mean you’d automatically play 3 when you could consider a draw engine with a body. Concealing Shroud is great, but it seems Vanar players are still figuring out where to utilise that card in. It’s not as simple for them as it is for a Starhorn player who could just go “OMG OMG 3 TECTONICS, 3 DECIMUS 3 ENTROPIC GAZE 3 RANCOUR OKAY LET’S GO MAUAHAHAAH”. New decks may soon emerge that could keep the new Starhorn in check, you never know. But we need to wait and see.

Now… on specific Magmar cards themselves:

Rancor: A fantastic step in the right direction for making self harm shenanigans more viable. Elucidator’s opening gambit for instance now has the added benefit of giving Rancor +4 atk, and powerful synergies like this are great to offset the inherent downsides of self harm plays. Also, it’s a fucking 2 drop, with 3 health to boot. (Rating: 5)

Entropic Gaze: I have mixed feelings about this card. I consider it the Magmar equivalent of Pheonix Fire with a downside that really isn’t a downside because Starhorn is a thing and Decimus is a thing. On one end, I love this card because it’s an insane face punching spell with card draw. On the other end, I hate this card because it’s an insane face punching spell with card draw in a faction that isn’t Songhai. Who cares if you can’t target minions with it, you do so much damage it’s not likely to matter anyway. Pheonix Fires to the face are already scary as is, and now we get an even more powerful one with Decimus synergy? I genuinely think it does too much damage too cheaply. (Rating: 5 for power level, 2 for happiness meter)

Thraex: I… I am not really feeling this card, though that’s likely because the decks I like to play wouldn’t likely appreciate the admittedly nice benefit Thraex provides. I think it’s a solid 3 drop with a decent body and relevance beyond the early game, so that’s cool. I just think it’s a little boring, and im not sure if it’ll see much play given how fast our aggro already is without it. (Rating: 3)

Tectonic Spikes: I love this card. It’s an amazing card draw that just oozes Magmarian characteristics, has delicious self harm synergy and can help ping enemy artefacts. In a world without Decimus, my opinion of this card would remain the same, even if it means Tectonic will more oftentimes be a tempo loss. (Rating: 4 without Decimus, 5 with Decimus)

Drogon: Great card. Fucking boring, but fucking powerful. Not much to say here beyond the fact it’s great that Solo Vaath now has a way to deal great face smashes without relying on the cumbersome Bounded Lifeforce. Also, it provides a nice scary body. (Rating: 4)

Valknu’s Seal: I LOVE this card. It’s by far the coolest of our new tools, and Valknu gets style points for his flawless Wolverine impersonation. I KNOW its the least viable of our new tools, but who gives a shit, it’s awesome. You could potentially create a living monstrosity with frenzy with the Seal, so that’s always cool. Also, don’t forget its synergy with Egg Morph! (beside Morin Khur) (Rating: I’m going to be optimistic and give a 3 for overall card quality, but 5 for flavour and sheer card coolness)


So now I can post my thoughts

  • Weakness becoming strengths.Why is Entropic Gaze strong? Because they design wise they are trying to keep limits on factions.Magmar is supposed to have bad card draw so any draw we get is going to have weakness and be symmetrical.So they added damage to spikes and symmetricalness to gaze.

The funny thing is players aren’t stupid and they will find efficient way to use cards.The smartest way around the weakness of card is to be aggressive as possible.Magmar already boast good aggro tools.I play Hearstone on occasion they have card like this mind blast it doesn’t have draw but it wouldn’t really matter because faction have the tools to survive sheer aggro.

  • The Starhorn dilemma.Starhorn works now nobody should want him to go back to state he was in before.Nerfing has not left factions or general useable Vet, Songhai and Kara haven’t really recovered.If we are just going to have endless cycle of top factions only nerf them to buff back up at some later at some point.How about buffing factions up to level of performing faction.It doesn’t make sense spending time fixing Starhorn only to make him bad again.

  • Yeah you guys where right about Starhorn warping the faction.I don’t think it was a purposeful act of deciding to make Magmar in general more aggro.It is combo of trying to fix Starhorn which means powerful cards because his bbs is so bad and bad control cards for this type metagame.CPG try to fix Grow and Rebirth missed the mark.I believe making rebirth and grow work is their goal but fixing Starhorn was higher on the agenda.

  • Why does seal of Valknu cost 4 like Chrysalis Burst? It has a strong effect but even hard to set up being one egg.


Rancor - solid 5: has potential to grow over 10 attack in a turn via synergy with self damaging cards or opponent trying to attack your general. usually gets priorityzed heavily and gets a removal spent on, or worst case some minion.

Entropic Gaze - 5: nice amount of burst and cheap. good when opponent tryes to kite you, gives draw to both players, so can help the opponent get a counter for next turn or if his hand is empty might help him more than it does you.

Thraex - 2: situational, requires board, and 4 mana to play and use BBS. stats aren’t impressive for 3 drop.

Tectonic Spikes - 4: synergy with self damage, some burst to manage kiters and draw. same drawback as entropic gaze, often opponent will benefit more than you from the draw, key magmar cards are expansive and often you will mill your own cards when playing it. other factions have less draw and generally cheaper minions so it can backfire.

Drogo - 5: solid 5: not bad stats 5/4 can get killed easily by a variety of removal spells and rarely lives to attack something but when it does, it hurts. the effect can be used to clear big provokes if you use BBS at 2 attack you get 6 attack on the general for this turn. can stack with itself so if you have a cryptographer you can get into one hit kill range damage levels (it does take 4+1+2+1=8 mana for the full out of hand combo).

Valknu’s Seal - 1: 4 mana for copy of the general when you can just play Drogo combo for 5 mana and deal double damage instantly sounds like a waste.
removal is quite common so you will have to combo it into an inceptor, eggmorph or morin-khur but it is quite a situational combo for 8-9 mana when you can already one shot people for that much mana with Drogo. haven’t played it yet and seen no one play it yet. doubt i will see it any time soon.

i liked the new cards (atleast for magmar) nice variety, many good options to work with. i’m playing mid range’ish magmar at the moment, reasonable early game, and strong mid/late game combos + lots of heals.
the self damage can often put you into kill range of other faction aggro decks so really need to pay attention to that especially if you give them full hand of cards to work with.

as a dev i would probably reduce cost of Valknu’s Seal by one to make it viable. other than that magmar cards seem ok, you can deal with most of them if you know what to expect, one shot for 8 mana isn’t that troublesome in current state of the game and you still can kite the general nicely to avoid it.
i haven’t seen a decent starhorn with decimus and don’t have enough decimuses to try it out myself. some claim that it’s too strong, i don’t know yet personally.
other than that some love to songhai and vetruvian would be nice place to start, they seem to struggle the most in the current path.


On Valknu’s Seal… I fought against it once. The game lasted 1 minute. He dropped rancour on his first turn i think (he was player 2). I removed it. He followed up with Valknu’s Seal. I removed it. He conceded.

… That was exhilarating.

Ahem, roleplay time. May all my brothers tread within the glory of The Immortal, The Warbeast and The Holy Golden Chrysalis.


All Hail Mankantor

I’m not a pro in duelyst but i have some TCG (mostly magic) background, i play casually and if you disagree with me, i’m perfectly OK with that, since we can all learn.
Please note that the scoring system is according to power on a rating from 1 to 5, and 2.5 being an average.
3 is good and 2 is bad.

two drop it gives plenty of options to you and can be played around by the enemy.
Solid design and overall a very balanced and healthy card to the game and magmar.
Not giving 5 since it’s still vulnerable to most removal, but not all cards need to be 5s, and it does more on vaath than starhorn.

Entropic Gaze
The only true 5/5 to us lizards.
Thins deck, gives face damage and it’s cheap. There is no reason to not have 2 of this on the deck.
Serves both vaath and starhorn, and i have already killed my oponent by replacing into this and doing some lethals.

It’s good on Starhorn decks, it shines on Mechaz0r decks or other zerg strats, but on Solo Vaath i doesn’t have a place IMO, might be wrong.

Tectonic Spikes
Really good for Crazy combos, but it can put you on lethal range, or even kill you.
Sure the only usefull hit point is the last one, and it really synergises with Rancour, but since it’s not a card that it’s playable every single time it’s not a 5.

Very strong on vaath, excellent bait for removal, but don’t expect to trigger his effect twice.
I alreaddy pulled some Criptographer shanenigans but it’s mostly luck. Can happen, but betting on it might be harmful.
This has an interesting effect, since i notice my foes panic when this is on the board.

Valknu’s Seal
Not completely useless, but it can work with some egg related decks.
Don’t know why you would that tho (apart from having fun, but heavens curse you for trying to have fun on a computer game), since other decks are so much stronger.


Rancour (5/5): This is a staple in all Magmar lists. It is a threat the moment it hits the board, and can grow ridiculously large in just a few turns.

Entropic Gaze (5/5): Remember Spiral Technique? Well now with 2 of these, and HALF the mana, you can deal the same damage as well as keep your hand full because of the fact that it cycles.

Drogon (4/5); This one will probably need to be run exclusively in Vaath builds. I think it also needs a more specialized deck build to make it work. Nonetheless, it’s terrifying and difficult to play around once your general is close enough.

Valknu’s Seal (2/5): I like the concept, but I’ve struggled to use this card effectively. The expansion brought more single-target removal options to the table which threaten the egg, and you probably want to play it in the late game if you’re Vaath because you want to copy your BBS boosts. Great effect, but limited opportunities.

Thraex (4/5): While underwhelming on its own, this minion can produce power quickly with a flooded board, and for Starhorn especially, this is no difficult task. It has decent stats on its own, but is best played when a board has been developed (which is why current Starhorn builds might opt not to use this card with all of the out-of-hand damage)

Tectonic Spikes (5/5): Definitely the biggest surprise to me. I thought this card would be less popular given how it’s effect helps your opponent as much as you, while you use the mana and lose tempo playing the card. But in most games I’ve played/watched, this card doesn’t actually help your opponent as much as it helps you. Your opponent usually mills cards while you refill your hand, and Magmar tends to be able to end games faster than other factions, so any extra damage on the opponent is helpful, especially considering that they will probably be running away from you on turn 4 anyway after you’ve inflicted 10+ damage, so they usually won’t be threatening lethal before you anyway. Who needs Spelljammer? With this card, my 4-mana slot can be filled with more important things like Elucidators, and more Elucidators! XD


Lets be real guys, entroic gaze is going to be nerfhamered, and rightfully so. I personally just hope they rework it to be something way more innovative, not just Spikes lil superior brother, and leave rancour and spikes and decimus alone.

Valknus Seal is a fun af card, and i am glad they implemented it the way they did (any other way of implementation would have restricted the design way too much). Sure its bad, but there also need to be cards like this.

Rancour and Spikes are really good and fill empty spots in the former magmar roster, but they don’t feel op.

Drogon is a really solid and versatile card, again feels strong, but not op.

Thraex is prolly the worst and still isn’t tooo bad. Its a usable 3-drop with a usable ability, its gonna be somewhat useable in zoo, but no staple for that archetype either.

I personally am pretty happy with those cards, even though we didn’t get egg/growth support, i am just concerned that magmar will be nerfed as a whole, not just the problematic cards aka Entropic Gaze and Spikes, when a lil bit of a tweak (e.g. getting rid of the cantrip on Gaze/ reducing the damage by one; lowering the enemy damage on spikes by 1 or sth) would most likely do the same thing.


The cantrip on gaze is what makes Vindicator and Visionar work.In a Vaccum Entropic gaze is fine ,Its the package of cards that Magmar has make it too strong.Take away thumping wave and eludicator is damage really that crazy from gaze?

Songhai does 9 damage from three cards,Magmar does 12 damage from 3 cards.Then remember that Songhai has minion that gives you more of said card and can turn its bbs into that card. Plus cards that boost damage of that card or do damage because you cost spell.Plus Songhai was given another damage spell.

Reality is Entropic gets the easy blame but root problem is collectively how much damage Magmar can do. Ultimately it will be nerfed but cost and cantrip needs to stay for the health of Starhorn and card like Vindicator.


Alright let’s start with the cards:

Rancour (5/5):
Chakri Avatar levels of threat. A 2 drop that can easily hit you for half your life total on turn two or three. Put’s a lot of pressure on your opponent, and most likely will force them to burn dispel on even hard removal just to get rid of it. The only downside of the card is that because is a 1/3 base if you open with it you could get punish by tiger but overall very strong card that I expect too see in most magmar decks from now on.

Entropic Gaze (BROKEN/5):
2 mana for half a spiral technique in terms of damage and on top of that it cycles. I honestly have no idea how this card passed play testing, just by reading the text you can see is broken, and in practice is even more broken when you see how much burst magmar has. I’ve had many game in which I kill my opponent turn 3, this card is the main reason why something like that is possible. Wouldn’t surprise me if this card was nerfed in the mid-January patch.

Thraex (2/5):
I probably shouldn’t be rating this card because I haven’t played it yet but it just seems a bit underwhelming. First of all it requires you to have a board to be able to get any benefits from it, and it’s not really a 3 drop is a 4 drop which is already overcrowded in the faction. I don’t know maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think this card is gonna end up seeing much play.

Tectonic Spikes (4/5):
Very solid card draw in an aggressive deck to refill your hand while chipping away at your opponent’s health. Against slower decks is amazing because they don’t get full value since they usually end up milling 1 or 2 cards. Now what pushes the card a bit over the top is Decimus. Decimus + Tectonic is 9 damage for 7 mana which is less than the Elu+Thump but it bypasses provokes and you don’t have to be in reach which means you can actually back off, which is something magmar has never been able to do.

Also because this card exist Decimus right now is one of the biggest threats in the entire game. I had a game where I play decimus and my opponent decided to ignore it, he was at 21 health and I had 5 mana, he got died. Overall a strong card that helps aggressive builds of magmar a lot.

Drogo (4/5):
A card that it’s mere existence will affect the way people play against Vaath. Doubling your attack it’s a pretty big deal, being to help clear a big minion to gain tempo and put pressure on your opponent or to just hit their face very hard. After turn 5 if Vaath has his BBS available is will force people to body block if they don’t wanna get smashed by an 8 attack lizard, which is good since that means they’ll eventually put their back against the wall meaning it will be almost impossible to get out of Vaath reach and/or play around warbeast. Also this card enables more OTK memes so I guess that’s another plus.

Valknu’s Seal (Serpenti/5):
Obviously is not a card that’s meant competitive. 4 mana for a 0/1 egg that you gotta hope your opponent can’t remove or 8 plus mana and 2 card to get this to hatch instantly and then your opponent can just punish it, or fox it, or OBS it, etc… it’s just kinda bad. That said is a super fun and unique card that I’m happy it’s in the game just for the fun and memes that this card makes possible. Considering the power level of the other cards in the set it’s completely fine by me that we got this card now.

I am really happy about magmar being a tier one faction again, (or at least that’s what it looks like, it’s too early to say for shure). That happiness dies a little bit when I see that all the magmar decks right now are all aggro, hopefully in future expansions other archetypes get some love because all this aggro will eventually get really boring (even tho right now I’m enjoying it).

I haven’t had much time to play so the first and only deck that I’ve tried out is a Starhorn aggro-combo deck with all the new card draw plus decimus, it’s surprisingly fun to play and also a little BS but that’s mostly to entropic gaze. Now that I’m safe in S-rank I really wanna try some sort of mid-range solo Vaath with drogon and the cryptographer to get maximun punching power out of Vaath.

Like you said it’s too early to tell, we have to wait for the meta to settle and for people to learn how to counter the new magmar decks, I think that magmar could remain as a top-tier faction but other faction will rise in power level once they refine their decks. The one thing that I think everyone will agree with is that entropic gaze has to be nerfed it’s just too good and efficient for aggro decks and it can create very un-fun moments in the game.


Copying here from Dinosaur people club.

Hi, there is not many Starhorn decks in here yet, but I’m expecting them to start popping up soon. I didn’t buy the expansion, doing the long way (grinding gold) and don’t have any of the new magmar cards. This is my Starhorn deck which is a lot of fun to play, it is very comfortable in diamond. Could a better player bring it to s-rank? Not sure.


Plan here is to start very quickly, take all the mana tiles before opponent and get a good board going before T5, T6. Try to get Speljammer out as soon as possible and fish for the killing combo, which is Twin Fang, Flash and Skorn.
At 5 mana if you have 2 minions on the board (in attacking distance from enemy general), your attack is gonna be 14.
Don’t worry to use Twin Fang without lethal if it leaves your opponent on low health. You can finish him off with elucidators or Thumping Wave on any lowly minion.
All minions are Skorn fodder, it is important that they have 2 or more health as you want to ping them and attack with them on the same turn to make your Fang attack enormous.
Dubious Cards
Wings of Mechazor:
Important for contesting mana tiles early. Best start is Wings on the mana in the middle, Zyx on the centre tile just behind him. If you’re lucky you’ll get access to 2 tiles next turn and can Natural Confluence on T2.
Nature’s Confluence:
It is a tricky card, but great in this deck. Gives you 4 bodies you can Skorn next turn. Good recovery after board clear too. Bad against Abyssian, use it only very early in the game or replace. I had 4 battle pets running into Revenant once and it wasn’t nice.
Hope this makes some sense. Post your Starhorn decks as I am looking for inspiration.


Quick correction: Entropic Gaze does 4 damage. It’s kinda ridiculous, I think it should be nerfed to 2.


That or either deal 4 damage and your opponent draw card, you don’t get to cantrip for such a 2 mana 4 damage phoenix fire to the face, maybe it would be less oppressive that way


I’m aware that it does 4 damage. I just chose to rationalize it as a balance thing. A sort of rationalization as to why it did 4 damage for 2.

components: 2 costs, 1 draw you, one draw opponent, 4 damage.
Magmar pays 2 mana to draw a card and deal 2 damage.
The opponent ‘pays’ an additional 2 life and gets the benefit of drawing a card.

It’s not a real comparison, more of a way I choose to rationalize why it does 4 damage, instead of just 2.

I also still think it’s hella strong, might even be OP but I haven’t played enough games due to being in the hospital.


Sorry to hear that man.

That’s an interesting way of looking at the card.


Shush you magmar heretics! Aymara died to save you and this is what you do to repay her?!
You simply brush her off in favor of a really strong faction in the form of the Magmar Aspects?! With your false Makantor Jesus and 10 damage elucidator + thumping wave devilry and the deceptively adorable yet deadly kin that leaves behind? Blasphemy

tbh magmar was and still is a strong faction even without their own grandmaster