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Church of the Mankantor (State of Magmar thread 11-29-2017) Lizard Overlords


Amplification is one my favorite cards I am trying to play a deck,That looks something like this.


Flash Reincarnation/Taygete/ Rebuke- It is three card combo does 5 damage.Nothing Spectacular but it good know you have it

Sojourner/ Rebuke-Apparently it draws card when rebuked,You can play it defensively maybe destroy a board while drawing your self a card

Skorn/Lavaslasher + Amplification- They are always damaged so make for easy amp targets

Thumping Wave+Taygete. Before Shimzar/Thunderhorn there was Taygete/Thumping Wave. It is not as devastating and thunderhorn combo but it has its moments.

Warbeast+Rebuke-8 damage for 9 mana.Right?

I think I am going to put a 2 Eclipse in the deck(instead of Armada). It has bunch of janky stuff you can do if they leave Eclipse alive for 1 turn . You can Thumping Wave+ Rebuke which would be 8 damage,You can Amp/Rebuke which would be 5 damage. You can Thumping Wave a high attack enemy and run the eclipse in into it etc…They seem to be bunch of like Flash reincarnation/ Kujuta/Spirit Harvester/Skorn should work decent with it as well.

Most fun moment with an AMP deck so far

I think I was surrounded by luminous charge and Faie was pretty close to me.I don’t remember the exact set up but I manage to put my taygete in a spot where it was near to at least 4 four walls and next to his general.I don’t remember who triggered the it might have been a battle pet but end result was faie taking a ton of damage.


Magmar is probably the best faction to test things with:

It has Progenitor to clone minions, Diretide Frenzy to speed up Quahog, Grow to keep Quahog Alive, Kraigon to keep your general alive, and Kujata to continuously make things cheaper.


What about rancour or jugg


Well built, although I wish it were more consistent. If Amplification gave more attack than GF did it would see more play


Today I lost to Apex Magmar and apparently when Grailmaster pops out counts all the summons in Apex. So yeah Grailmaster with 5 keywords kinda scary


Tried this a couple of times, obviously very uneven and even if you get it off the summoning sequence is random so you could get a ‘naked’ grsilmaster.


Recently saw a game where TheZohan used Apex to summon Silver, the mech that grows for each played mech, Metaltooth and the ranged mech. What happened was that Silver treated himself/the other mechs as being summoned and gave every mech an the field all other mech’s key words. Is that supposed to happen? I always though Apex puts minions on the battlefield instead of summoning them. That’s why OGs don’t trigger. Yet summon triggers trigger? Why don’t OGs trigger then? Is “put onto the battlefield” another form of summoning?


OG only works when summoned from actionbar, Silvers ability is not an OG so it triggers from any kind of summon. That’s my guess at least.


Working as intended, Apex doesn’t trigger Opening Gambit but since none of S.I.L.V.E.R., Metaltooth or Project Omega’s abilities are Opening Gambit the combo can work.


Why would it be working as intended though? OG triggers when you summon something from your action bar. Silver triggers when you summon something. Apex’ card text reads “put onto the battlefield” which - I would assume - isn’t summoning otherwise it would read “summon onto the battlefield”. Then again it is considered summoning for Silver, or otherwise he wouldn’t trigger. So despite the cards being summoned and obviously coming from your action bar, it’s not considered summoning from your action bar for OGs.

I get why they would want to avoid OGs triggering because that would mean that you get to do stuff on your opponents turn and they would have to introduce some sort of stack mechanic. But Silver treating the cards being put onto the battlefield as being summoned while OGs specifically treat them as not being summoned (or at least not from the action bar), feels weird and inconsistent to me.

I wish Duelyst had some sort of rules F.A.Q. where they would comment on each card and its more funky interactions instead of sugarcoating the lack of transparency as a feature =(


Me, too…:sweat_smile:

I’m still on the fence about trying to include detailed card interactions in the one I am building. I certainly don’t think I would have time to playtest every single one without outsourcing.


As far as I understand, Duelyst has only two ways to summon minions:

  1. Summon directly from action bar: this is how most minions are summoned, it triggers Opening Gambit, Exhuming Sands and other effects that trigger “When summoned from action your bar”.

  2. Summoned indirectly: this is how most Tokens are summoned. Wrathling Swarm, Apex, Grimes’s Summons are all examples of Indirectly summoned minions. Indirectly summoned minions will only trigger effects that don’t require the minion to be summoned from your action bar (for example, If grimes summons a Abjudicator your spells won’t be discounted, but if grimes summons a ghost seraphim your next spell will cost 0).

It is worth noting that CPG doesn’t have much consistency when wording “Indirectly summoned” see Apex (put on the battlefield), LeTigress (a cub Joins the pack) and Grimes (summon a random Tribal minion) all of which summon minions using the same mechanics despite having different card text.


Silver works this way:

You summon Silver on a board with Sword and all Mechs share frenzy even though the Sword was already on board.


So, the day of reckoning is now approaching. Three nerfs to Magmar all at once, a similar neutering that Vanar received in the change to the core set cards. I think it’s time for the Magmar mains to weigh in on initial thoughts.

  1. Saurian Finality, 7 -> 8 mana 2 -> 3 attack.
    This was the one change that I was afraid of. The jump from 7 to 8 mana is massive as a whole; there’s a reason that Thumpidator has become non-existent since the increased mana of Thumping Wave (in addition to having better tempo options added to move away from as heavy of aggro). It was pretty easy to see this coming with how they handled Spectral Revenant, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. I would have much preferred a reduction in numbers, but this is what we get. Not the worst thing in the world since Magmar was fine before Finality, and will be fine after this nerf. The bonus attack is negligible and is hardly considered any form of compensation.

  2. Homeostatic Rebuke, 3 -> 4 mana
    I think everyone saw this coming. 3 mana AoE is a bit on the strong side, and this card will still be just as useful. This does crowd out the ever-important 4-mana slot, however. Some people may drop this card all together for better options.

  3. Lavaslasher 9 -> 7 health
    The most mild and popular balance change suggested by the boards for this card. I definitely think it was warranted, and the card will still be good even after the nerfs. Opens up the 5 mana slot to other options as well, especially for future design space.

I think it’s important to note that with these changes, CPG is reinforcing that Magmar’s core cards are to be the standard of balance. Some people complained about plasma storm, natural selection, and Makantor as being problem cards and needing to be changed instead of newer cards, but these nerfs support the fact that the core cards are probably here to stay, and any unbalanced interactions will likely lead to newer cards being nerfed as opposed to core. This is in opposition to Vanar, who had their core cards nerfed as opposed to newer threats like Luminous Charge.

I don’t think these changes will make a big impact on the success of Magmar. They were good before IV, and the nerf to Lavaslasher was very mild, so I think they will still be set as being a solid faction.


I was one of the people saying that some of the core stuff need to be changed but if CPG is fine with core as ,works for me.I am actually happy but just means in the future they have be extra careful the new cards


Some nerf afterthoughts

Lavaslasher- We were wrong everybody thought that 4/7 was the right statline. With the hindsight of now playing it in meta.4/8 would have been the correct number which puts it at 4/5 more consistently than the 4/4 which it is at more often now. I mean it is fine at 4/7 but the sweet spot would have been 4/8. It is still a 3 of Magmar

Homeostatic Rebuke- The move 4 mana seems to be the right move the card is still strong but don’t seem as overbearing as it was before.The sad part once again Magmar lose a synergy piece .The card could have been combo with 6 cards mankantor and metamorphosis for real cool end of games combo. It is still 3 of but in certain decks

Side note( Dear CPG please stop taking away my metamorphosis combos. Okay Meta/Plasma was too strong.But Metamorphis Skorn or Rebuke.Can keep my full board clear at 9 mana please)

Saurian Finality - This one of is the most impactful one.Just because of how the game of Duelyst is played 7 mana is the endgame in duelyst. Games just flat out end at 7 mana alot so as good as Saurian Finality is it ironically gets taste of its own medicine. The card is a 3 of in deck specifically made for it and maybe 2 of or 1 of in other things.

Saurian Finality Vaath- Still a good deck nothing has really changed other than it is bit harder to play. Namely the hard part is the gap between 6-8 feels huge at times. Some Saurian decks use to play Adjudicator so the deck is very alive in that form.

I guess something like this still works.Maybe you play one less rebuke and finality for Silhouette Tracer or Armada something but Mid range shell is still solid and the cards weren’t hit that hard. Given time I think it shows back up again.

Saurian Finality Vaath took hit for Magmar so that people wouldn’t notice that Ragnora was kinda silly. So thank you Finality Vaath you the real MVP. Now Ragnora can get a extended look without some hurried nerf because community wants it pound of flesh. I watch a bunch of Tactialgmr stream today and he was playing Ragnora. It was a Sibon deck

It had none of the traditional “OP” Magmar cards except for Saurian Finality (which I replace with rebuke in this list) but No Mankantors,No Plasma Storm,No Natural Selection,No Lavaslasher, No Flash Reincarnation,etc. It is just a good ole combo deck in the faction that suppose to be boring on curve I just play powerful minions. So try it out is really good deck.

Side note: Yes I have hint that Ragnora is kinda OP,It doesn’t make too much sense to get upset over it because the rotation removes

1.Morin Khur
2. Wild inceptor
3. Lava Lance

So unless CPG adds more in expansion Ragnora bbs will only have “ONE” Activator in Egg morph and that is really a big deal.


Also the rotation will remove Thumping Wave, which is pretty crazy on ripper.



Goddamn did I want Dreadnaught to be a usable card. I loved that design.


No removal except Egg Morph? Do you need to put your opponent under so much pressure that they can’t develop their own board?


I put Rebuke in my list but I watch tacticalgmr play the list without any aoe and do rather well.The list has so much burst and can put so much pressure that it works without the aoe. Myself on the other hand I don’t have faith in myself to play that well. It is worth playing as is to get a feel for the deck then you replace what you don’t like in it.