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Church of the Mankantor (State of Magmar thread 11-29-2017) Lizard Overlords


Church of the Mankantor (State of Magmar thread 11-29-2017) Lizard Overlords


This is a MAGMAR thread,It is bias towards Magmar issues.This thread isn’t about the overall health of game but overall health of one faction.Some of the views will lean towards complaining about faction that you might view in good health or strong but if you can’t communicate constructively those feelings please go else where seriously go start your own thread. We are trying to talk about the root issues with faction even if they are in good shape.

Time for Magmar Centric topic again apparently there’s a lot to talk about. When I first starting these topics I wanted it to be a place where you would see decklist,topics and discussions about Magmar and for the first time really other than expansions they are alot of Magmar stuff going on some of it good and some it bad but most definitely Duelyst right now is centered around Magmar.


Why magmar has always been broken a serious address to the devs/

The most broken card in the game lavaslasher

Maybe it’s time for Plasma Storm to be change(Opinion)

Plasma Storm flavorful suggestion

There has been a lot threads suggesting Nerfs and changes to Magmar,Mostly with a negative spin slanted towards them but some of have valid legit concerns.


Lets talk Mechmar


Duelyst || Quick Deck Tech: Ragnora

Duelyst #2: Smash Vaath

DUELYST S RANK LIVE #35 w/ TM25MD [Magmar]: DINOSAURS RAWR! (Immortal Vanguard)

Beyond the obvious elephant in the room,They are other interesting Magmar decks that can be played.If you have any other decklist to add the ones here it would be cool.


DUELYST | Saurian Finality And Why It’s Bad For The Game | Immortal Vanguard Card Analysis

Duelyst | Design Talk: Lavaslasher, Tempo Incarnate

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[Duelyst] Melee Tournament 11/25 - (Immortal Vanguard #2)

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I wish it was theorycrafting and showing off cool combos but obviously the topic of the day is balance. So people are producing content reflecting that but in the more positive front tournaments are happening in duelyst again.Niklaren won the first one with Saurian Vaath,Syztum won the second with…Saurian Vaath but tournys so far have had a wide variety of generals.The next couple of weeks should be interesting because I believe the decks are getting more set and the counter decks for Vaath should be better.

Discuss any Magmar related stuff in here.

Second disclaimer-They are a million post,threads,topics complaining about Magmar use one of those if you want just whine about Magmar.Constructive criticism is welcomed here though

Which do you think is the best card of each faction?

I always loved Magmar and still do :slight_smile:

Big dinosaurs stomping around!


I really appreciate your afford for us lizard people!

But to be honest:
I don’t have the strength atm to discuss with the people while there’s so much hate around. The “oh so wonderful Duelyst Community” in my eyes isn’t that wonderful. In reality it’s divided in Magmar haters and Magmar players. It seems there’s no room for real and constructive discussions.

I know this thread is meant to create this “room” I’m talking of, but I’m really not in the mood for it.

They really should nerf us to death - I wouldn’t care. I’ve given up at some point. Burned out.


As someoned pointed already out in one of these balance posts:
Remove the stun from finality
Rework rebuke or make it 5 mana.That would probably be enough to even the playing fields.
But knowing counterplay they will probably ignore it for months and once they do touch it they will overnerf it to unplayability insted of reworking it to something more interesting(rip tiger and revenant)


they won’t ignore it for months. They have really showed that the nerf is in the works as they have been acting weird in the discord.


Please, don’t forget the “I don’t give a shit about Magmar” players :slight_smile:
Even if I made a few jokes from time to time against/with it, it’s no big deal.
And I doubt I’m not alone in that part of the “community”.

Anyway, (almost) on topic : anyone managed to make a decent Decimhorn Mech deck with Seismoid and Upper Hand ?


This is my build on decimechorn btw.


We can complain about ControlMar but I actually really enjoy playing against most other things. EggMar is really interesting; controlling those eggs puts you in some really interesting predicaments. I also keep running into this weird MechHorn/MillHorn hybrid (like @neme6ix’s example that uses the new Seismoid to simultaneously vomit out a swarm of Mechs and burn with DeciSpikes. Drogon builds can be pretty cool on occasion as well. As long as Lavaslasher doesn’t show up more than once I’m having a good time against those. High-stakes, interesting battles mostly.


I think I speak for everyone when I say the recent unending flak that our faction is getting has been exceedingly grating on the nerves. It seems like people are overreacting a bit, but at the end of the day something within Magmar needs to change.

I’ve seen multiple suggestions for what needs to happen (both big and small), and I will say that if Vanar is any recent indicator then core card changes are not outside the realm of possibility (for better or worse)

No matter what happens though, I’ll still be playing my favorite faction and adapt to whatever changes CPG decides to follow through with.


Not wanting to state the obvious stuff, but rather I’d like to give a little suggestion if that’s ok:

Play other stuff than what everyone’s playing. Play Starhorn. Play eggs. Play Moloki. Play mechs. Heck, I’d even take rushmar over the current midrange every day. Or why not take cards like rebuke, and make an insane high curve Juggernaut-Kraigon-beefdeck with them? #makeduelystfunagain

I’m no Mag main so I’m probably way off on what’s actually playable etc, but there’s just so much potential in the faction that most people don’t even start to consider. (I know this is what many people already do though, this post is targeted to you who have only tried the most popular builds)


FeelsBad when everyone is playing basically the same deck

ive seen that mech horn deck once

but basically all other magmar can be summed up as this

with about 8 cards (and the general) left for individual preference


-3 Young Silithar
-2 EMP
-1 Plasma Storm

Other than that: yup :o)


I Got to first time S-Class with this vaath build. Vaath was my first general and focus so I’m not too mad at the meta, (however it isn’t fun when one deck is so powerful as it seems now). It was fairly devastating for decks that relied on getting out burst. There is…so…much…heal with Finality, + 3 earth spheres , + ragebinders, I even threw in 2 azures to seal the deal. Often I won on purely outlasting my opponent.

My threats are nearly all large. Why Quahog? because its huge and the effect isn’t that much of a drawback when opponents are getting hit for 7 in the face, turn 2 flashed quahog is ugly to remove, so is turn 2 lashers so basically they are just more things to flash so you always have something. They still need to use resources and having stuff put back in your hand loses tempo anyway (it never was a problem). I found myself more often replacing removal for more threats as removal wasn’t as big an issue in this meta. I have the biggest threats so they gotta deal with em. I mostly Ended up using all that dispel for…the mirror match…it was the edge since so many vaath decks were there I needed to dispel my counterpart so I could be a fatter lizard.

I dropped to 1 rebuke because often I didn’t get swarmed. a lot of swarm decks weren’t in the meta. I was semi weak to mech…but again dispels and proper placement often made the difference. (and piles of healing)


You’re a brave man to post a deck with rebuke and finality in this tumultuous time. A braver man than I.


This is something I have been testing out a little .I am work so I don’t remember the exact exact list but this is pretty similiar to it.The basic theory is play Hulks and Rancours get them to waste their removal. Play Tageyte and Kolosus have them waste more removal then start dropping big stuff that wish they saved their removal to remove. I have only a handful games with it but couple games with have been fun from me.Two of games were against Lyonar and it was pretty ugly in those game being that Lyonar really can’t remove Hulk and once you can’t remove Hulk the first turn it is down.I am going to keep playing things you have to remove and you have to pick what is going to screw you.

Possible changes to deck I will probably take out Silthar elders and play EMP. Probably play only two Kolossus and Flash reincarnations so I can squeeze something else maybe healing/Earth sphere or Saurian finality. Also thinking Thunderhorn maybe over Taygete. Not fine tuned yet but I am start to get post Saurian Finality decks ready.


If ever a list wanted Apex, surely it is this one, no?


Now that you mention it yeah I can’t believe i didn’t notice that


But wait, not everyone who wants Magmar nerfed hates Magmar. From what I’ve seen, most of the articulate, hard-thinking members of this forum that want to see nerfs don’t hate Magmar, they just think it’s really overpowered. That shouldn’t be considered hate.

If it makes you feel any better, I’d like to see at least half the cards in the entire game either buffed or nerfed, and that’s across all six factions.


You’re absolutely right.
But most of the people doesn’t seem to me


In my experience so far, the members of this forum who aren’t articulate and hard-thinking generally get corrected by the ones who are. It seems like most of the really active ones are articu-cetera.