Church of the Mankantor (State of Magmar thread 10-21-2017) Ragnora the Relentless


Church of the Mankantor (State of Magmar thread 10-21-2017) Ragnora the Relentless


This is a MAGMAR thread,It is bias towards Magmar issues.This thread isn’t about the overall health of game but overall health of one faction.Some of the views will lean towards complaining about faction that you might view in good health or strong but if you can’t communicate constructively those feelings please go else where seriously go start your own thread. We are trying to talk about the root issues with faction even if they are in good shape.

No long introduction needed.

OMG Eggmar support

So lets get to cool stuff the combos

  1. Ragnoras BBS + Lava Lance

Lava Lance will probably replace natural selection as the early removal tool in Ragnora. 2 mana to do 4 damage is pretty solid.

  1. Ragnora BBS + Wild Interceptor & Egg Morph

We don’t know what Ripper is but if it is good.This 5 mana combo is going to become a thing

  1. Ragnora BBS + Morin Khur

This is most important play for eggmar. Morin Khur is the scariest tool in eggmar. The two biggest omg plays can happen turn 6 after Morin Khur which is Chrysalis burst and Flash Juggernaut . If Magmar can play Morin Khur then all kinds of fun stuff can happen.

  1. Ragnora BBS + Dreadnaught

There is one rule in Magmar, Always play Warbeast and that will always probably be true BUT if Dreadnaught + BSS is a good play.Then you might see something like Flash reincarnation+ Dreadnaught+ BBS. 5 mana play two decently sticky minions.

  1. Ragnora BBS + Flaming Stampede

9 mana barbecue the board and leave egg in play. People like to say Flaming Stampede is bad but the truth is flaming stampede is slow. Now slow is bad in a lot of cases but when games are actually slow enough Flaming stampede can crush souls. I doubt the game will get slow enough but it is fun to think about.

List of Egg Synergy cards

1.Lava Lance
2. Rex
3. Egg Morph
5. Valknu’s Seal
6. Wild Interceptor
7.Morin Khur
8. Chrysalis Burst
9. Dreadnaught
10. Silithar Elder
11.Veteran Silithar
12.Young Silithar
13. Flaming Stampede
15. Ragebinder

People don’t seem to understand that Grow and Egg synergy are two most supported group of cards neither of them work in the standard metagame that is like Creep and Wraithling not working in Abyss

So what else does Eggmar need?

Two thing stand out in my mind.One is egg synergy based card draw or value generator ei Desolator or Circlus. The other thing is deck with nothing but rebirth minions another 2 drop, 3 drop and maybe 4 drop egg minions would be helpful but i think Rag’s bbs makes that less of a need.


  1. Are you happy that Egg synergy is finally being supported? What kind of cards are hoping they make? Give your ideas if you have any.

  2. What you think about the design of Ragnora do you think that it fits the Magmar theme well?

  3. Do you think that Ragnora will be competitive general? Do what do you think Ripper will be?

Any other Magmar related questions,concerns,ideas or decks are free to be talked about in this thread.

  1. Eggmar needs something like-
    3 mana, 3/4
    special text- anytime an egg minion dies, draw a card

edit- also yes, super pumped for egg stuffs

  1. he looks great. he doesn’t fit now idt. more egg support needed fo sho

  2. IF (and I think pretty clearly it’ll happen) eggmar gets support he would be. there are really powerful egg cards- just no real way to play them.
    ripper will probably be a 2/1 or 1/1 rebirth. it would support eggmar and swarm and rebirth all at the same time amd *probably not be too strong.


New general is probably the reason why c. Burst got nerfed. Hopefully ripper is good, can’t wait for more info about it.


I don’t know about a minion like that. I would still use other card draw because this sounds too conditional.

  1. Are you happy that Egg synergy is finally being supported? What kind of cards are hoping they make? Give your ideas if you have any.

Yes I am very happy that Egg synergy is being supported. The cards i want to see

a. Pterodactylus- 4 mana 4/4 minion Rebirth/Flying

I don’t expect them fix Veteran Silthar. Something like this would be nice

b. Dimorphodon- 1 mana 2/3 Rebirth /Open Gambit damage itself for 3 Health.

This my first attempt at card draw.When you combine this minion with Dance of dreams you would draw one card. It is pretty easy to kill one card on board so you play dance of dream then one these cards and trade on board you draw a couple cards. Also it would have synergy with twin fangs and blood rage because playing would proc it.

c. Apatosaur- 5 mana 1/5 every time it is damage put a 1 mana cost ripper egg in your hand.

My second attempt card draw. Psuedo draw with random element

d. Ankylo -3 mana 3/4 when ever a rebirth minion comes on board one card drawn

I don’t know how to word correctly basically if rebirth minion is played or hatch on board you draw card.

One of these three cards would be good

  1. What you think about the design of Ragnora do you think that it fits the Magmar theme well?

The design of Ragnora is better than base Vaath and Starhorn. It is cool that he is carrying Morin Khur as his weapon.Ragnora fits the theme of Magmar very well imo I have always thought Growth and Rebirth are the main themes Vaath is Grow theme general so it is nice to have a Rebirth theme general.

  1. Do you think that Ragnora will be competitive general? Do what do you think Ripper will be?

I hope Ragnora will be competitive but history has shown that Rebirth hasn’t been that good. The name ripper feels aggressive so I am guessing higher attack than health . I am guessing a 3/2 minion with Rebirth.


Pterodactylus sounds really busted, maybe for 5 mana. Dimorphodon is also a really cool concept.


Nice dance of memes support :smiley:


As one who enjoys egghorn and millhorn, I think Ragnora will bring good vaath support since she seems be suffering outside of mid range variants.

Starhorn has decimus, vendicator and visonar for direct interactions sit his BBS, but I’m not sure Ragnora will push him out of egg archetype or be better at it. Starhorn’s benefit is drawing. Ragnora will be much more board dependent and she won’t have the face of vaath or speed of starhorn. Idk how she’s gonna hold up there. That just depends on the ripper. If it does or doesn’t have frenzy, a 2/1 with rebirth for 1 mana seems fine.

If the ripper is a card like a heartseeker, Starhorn Egghorn will still have a viable egg archetype. Because of this, I don’t expect many egg minions to appear. I expect more Vaath support, giving Starhorn the factions versatility and a small antidraw tools, and some Ragnora support since she’s new and probably going to have some artifact egg decks (but the artifacts depend on the ripper again).

Meanwhile, Vaath. Maybe it’s me and my lack of Aggro knowledge? but I can’t get a Vaath to do anything. Healing, mid range, rush everywhere.


Hold on, I’m not really sure what you posted.

Did you say that Vaath has a hard time as a general?

If that’s the case, I want to disagree, as Vaath is good at pretty much anything you want him to do.


This list got me into S rank yesterday. With a 73.5% win rate over 49 games through the whole of Diamond (which is way above average for me).

Also tried Starhorn for a couple of games, but given the fact that the deck’s main goal is to deplete the opponent’s resources Starhorn’s BBS is very counterproductive. While Vaath’s BBS turns your general into creature removal that doesn’t require you to invest a card. And in the late game he’s like a doomsday device. You just sit there and wind him up until he alone threatens lethal.

Unless you are playing cards that directly benefit from your opponent drawing cards (i.e. Decimus, Visionar, Vindicator) or you are constantly drawing your opponent cards beyond the hand size limit, I would argue that Vaath is always the superior general. Spending resources to draw your opponent into his answers/generally just advancing both players equally while you are the only one to invest resources, is kinda bad.

What decks are you running where Starhorn is better than Vaath?


Either you’re super confused on the current situation of Growmar and Eggmar is or you made a typo.

1.) Having an eggcentric (:wink:) is bittersweet to me. Yes it means that we can flesh out some of the underexplored/underappreciated niche decks, but at the same time it forces players who like to win games to play absolute removal. That means we’d see a greater influx of dispel, transformation, and possibly an even greater player emphasis on vanar play seeing as they have the tools to most easily deal with these types of decks. That greater influx of board control means that players who continue to try and pioneer interesting, but nonetheless unviable deck builds will be placed in an even greater pickle than before and inevitably lead to more face damage as board maintenance costs increase.

Of course, this depends on how the player base will react, but I’m hoping something happens to encourage more deck diversity (winkwinknudgenudgecpggetonthatbalancepatchgame)

2.) I’m not really sure where the whole “hey look, I’m a big scary lizard that drops my eggs everywhere” theme fits in regards to Magmars theme, but if it means more eggs for my omelet then I’m down. I am otherwise unimpressed by the new BBS since it introduces very little to the game, unless the ripper egg is a new type of egg.

3.) The competitiveness of Ragnora depends on the ripper egg and whatever new cards we have access to. As of right now I’m speculating that Rag will be an ok general, not good enough to outclass what’s dominate, but good enough to be played with a decent amount of success (depending on effectiveness of ripper and whether or not you’re playing niche egg support).

Please keep in mind that my opinions are tentative based on what cards will be introduced In the new expansion. I’m pretty excited about what this might bring, but I’m also worried about my ability to play meme decks decently (I want to win with the memes, not lose with them)


“Either you’re super confused on the current situation of Growmar and Eggmar is or you made a typo.”

I will try to clarify because maybe my point is misunderstood

Grow (11 cards)
“Regular Grow” -Godhammer ,Gro, Earthwalker, Molaki Huntress , Grimrock, Kolossus ,Juggernaut,Grandmaster Kraigon

“Primal Flourish Grow”- Endure the Beastlands, Verdant Fulmination,Onmiseer

Egg synergy (15 cards)
Lava Lance, Rex, Egg Morph ,Rizen, Valknu’s Seal, Wild Interceptor,Morin Khur, Chrysalis Burst, Dreadnaught. Silithar Elder, Veteran Silithar,Young Silithar, Flaming Stampede,Juggernaut, Ragebinder

Out of all cards and concepts for Magmar Grow and Egg synergy have more cards than any other Magmar strategy. CPG has lots of attempts at supporting these archetypes so they have a lot of cards to show from being supported but reality is of the 25 Grow and Egg synergy cards only GM Kraigon, Juggernaut,Young Silthar and Ragebinder see play in the standard metagame and only a handful more see sporadic play


I really like this deck . I think play basically the same deck without the two drops in their place I play 3 lava lances, 2 dagona and i think spelljammers.


Ah, so what you’re saying is that despite numerous attempts to support the archetype, each has failed to bring it to a competitive level of play?


I’ve been thinking about skipping the two drops as well, but I wasn’t really sure what to replace them with and not being able to contest the mana tiles early seems a bit risky. Even with six two drops and three Natural Selections there are some draws that are very awkward. But why Spelljammers? Given the very high curve of the deck, isn’t your opponent usually better able to utilise the extra cards?


I just checked I am playing a L kian not spell jammer. As for the no 2 drops it feels weird but works I use to play alot of keeper magmar so i got use it but yeah you can get some awful draws that lose you the game almost out right.


My magmar is budgetté. No makantor flash or kraigon.


Sounds like blasphemy to me


It was just for the dailies :frowning: and I lost all four, stuck with him. Went something like 4/14 fell a bunch.


The budget version of Magmar decks is running 2 Makantor’s instead of 3