Choosing between Soljourner, Spelljammer or L'kian-Help!


I’ve been running a swarm abyssian deck for quite some time but i’ve been struggling with draw a little since the undervault nerf, so i’d like to ask you more experienced players, which of these draw cards would be best in a swarm abyssian deck? I’ve seen these run in a variety of decks and i’ve played a little with all of them but i’m still not sure which would work best. Thanks in advance!


It really depends on the curve of your list. Hard to answer in a vacuum.

For most Swarm lists, I’d go for Sojourner, because it’s a slower list that likes establishing itself on board and multiple turns’ draw is valuable.

Cassyva and Lilithe essentially being two different factions makes L’Kian less than optimal in Abyssian.


lkian isnt that great in abyssian. there are too many archtype specific cards that dont work in other decks (like obliterate).

whether you run spelljammer or sojourner depends on your curve. if your curve is low, ie. mostly 2/3 drops you want spelljammer for sustained draw. if your curve is higher, say mainly 3/4 drops then you want sojourner since sojourner is more of a slow burst draw than a sustained draw.


I still really like Rite of the Undervault. Yeah the nerf hurt but going from 5 to 6 isn’t nearly as impactful as for example Cryogenesis going from 3 to 4. Also running a few more 1 cost spells is good to make sure you don’t overdraw/deplete your hand quickly enough to make good use of the card.

I haven’t played too much swarm so I can’t say for sure, but I think people are overreacting to the nerf on that card. If you are set on using different options though, I think Spelljammer is the way to go. Sojourner doesn’t have any synergy with Abyssian(compared to Lyonar or Vet) and L’kian like people above me mentioned has a good chance of giving you useless cards.


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