Chat while making a deck!?


Hello! Why cant we chat while we make a deck?
I mean when we make a deck is usually the time we need to use the chat option, we talk about what deck we are making, what cards are good or bad for it, crack jokes etc (well thats how things where in hearthstone)… but here I have to keep alt+tab-ing to access the steam chat while doing so, and if your friend tells you the cards in a certain deck! Man my fingers would be broken down by the time I finish alt+tabbing 40 times lol.

Jokes aside, I think it would be a great feature if we could chat will in our collection.


I second this.
Also,a way of not getting a new window just for the chat instead of some small window not hiding everything could prove much more useful.

Anyway,although a nice suggestion,i do not think it’s gonna be prioritized anytime soon.


Yah it’s kind of a bummer that the Steam Overlay is disabled, so it’s a pain in the butt to be Alt-Tabbing in and out just to talk to someone…


To be honest,i am not using steam and i do not plan to,as i have absolutely no benefits in comparison to the usual launcher. But it is still not as efficient as it could be in both versions.


In some regions the updates have trouble downloading updates and patches(especially with me and my friend as we live in eastern part of europe) so we were forced to re-install the game all over again from scratch to install each patch.
But steam’s updates and downloads are pretty consistent, and why not add this game to our steam profile xD