Champions of Monolith Seeks Competitors!


Happy new years, Duelysts! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic holiday. It’s my pleasure to present to you my first esports endeavor, Champions of Monolith. Check out the trailer here!

Quick Details:
Date: Friday, January 27th, 2017, at 12PM Pacific/3PM Eastern
Format: 11-player/10-game King of the Hill, bo1
Prize: $50.00 USD per win, with a total of $500.00 at stake
Additional Prizes: Legendary general skins and other cosmetics as well as orb codes will be given out through various means during the tournament - make sure to keep your eyes peeled during the event for your chance to win some awesome stuff! More details on additional prizes will follow.

Competitors: Of the 11 seats available, 7 participants were selected by officials. 3 will be chosen by the community following an application process and 1 seat will be awarded to an international player. Details on how to apply for these seats can be found below.

The full tournament details - as well as how the format works, the competitor code of conduct, and frequently asked questions - are all available at the following link:

How to apply to be one of the three community seats:
Applications will be collected by the tournament officials up until and including Sunday, January 15 (there is no exact cut-off time, but by the 16th US Eastern we will not consider further applicants to allow time for voting). Of these applications, some will be selected (as many as we reasonably can) and a poll will be organized and shared over on the official Duelyst Reddit, including each player’s submitted application. The three players that receive the most votes will be awarded the three community seats.

Email the following to :
-In-game name
-Screenshot of your Duelyst Rank History
-Short summary of why the community should vote for YOU!

If you would like to apply for the international seat, follow the same above criteria along with a short description of your involvement in Duelyst’s international scene (whether as a foreign-language YouTuber, fan artist, website admin/supporter or otherwise). We may expand future international seats based on how many international applicants we receive for this event, so please do not consider any contribution to be too trivial!

I am 100% committed to the success of this event and the growth of Duelyst’s esports scene, but none of this would be possible without so many passionate players and a thriving community. If you have ideas on how to make this event even better, or would like to support the event as an official or moderator, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or ask any questions you may have.



You have an international seat where you talk about foreigners.
Then I’d like to know which country you’re from, because that kind of determines who’s foreigner.

Also I don’t really understand the community seat… So players who are outgoing/popular and well-known will probably get chosen, why do you want this?

Of course any tournament is great and support for Duelyst is great, so that’s awesome of you :slight_smile:


I am American, but the international seat is focused more around players producing non-English content than anything else. This seat was inspired by, a Russian Duelyst website. When Duelyst announced their Streamer’s League, it was not open to Russian language streamers because (according to CP) CP did not have Russian-speaking staff to monitor their streams for quality control purposes. Of course, I don’t want to limit it just to one sector of the international community, so I’ve included anyone who contributes to an international Duelyst project that is helping grow Duelyst outside of its direct target markets. I would still consider English-speaking content producers who were operating in some sort of capacity that helps grow Duelyst’s outreach but I feel like the context of the international seat is pretty obvious, so I’ll stop elaborating here unless a more detailed question is asked.

Every democratic system is itself a popularity contest. It’s called a popular vote. I wanted these seats filled democratically. I think that answers that question.

Thank you for your interest & questions c:


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