Champion of the Arena [Forum Game]


i figured it’s been a while since the last forum game died and its about time to start up a new one.
inspired by the “king of the monolith” game, the idea is that the challenger(s) has to fight their way through arena matches to be worthy to fight the champion in single combat, all in front of a roaring crowd gladiator style. you need not become the champion in each post as a single arena fight per comment is plenty epic enough.

I’ll start with something a bit open ended so people can join in however they want

On the day of the arenas grand opening, thousands of bloodthirsty spectators packed the stands with anticipation. The first show was about to begin and the managers guaranteed that it would be unforgettable.

Over a hundred warriors of all sorts entered the arena. We wondered what would be in store for us. So many entered, yet we were told it was not a battle royale. When the gates opened the horrific sight of an entire herd of powerful beasts caused more than a few fighters to claw at the closed doors behind us.

Left with no choice but to fight, the bravest and perhaps stupidest of us ran towards the raging beasts.

The beasts reciprocated by charging straight into the mass of fighters, goring many in their path before sheer numbers began to overwhelm the beasts.

After a deceptively long 3 minutes the final beast lay dead and the 12 surviving warriors started eying each other, wondering if they should reduce their competition while the crowd roared with excitement.

Thus began the tournament to decide the first Champion of the Arena

We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

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