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Challenges for November


A new month, some new cards, and the ladder reset. So what’s your plan for November?

I’m thinking of trying to get to S rank using just Saji, as she seems to be regarded as underpowered, but I’ve been enjoying using her, despite not doing very well so far.

An alternative is to learn Vanar or Songhai, both of which look complex and fun, though the wall Vanar archetype seems to require hilarious amounts of spirit. Songhai would be backstabbing I guess.

I’m also tempted to try some completely random deck, like golems or something based on the new legendary.

So what do you think? What would be a good challenge? What’s yours?


I don’t plan on challenging myself. Reaching S is stressful and enough of a challenge as it is. When I get good at the game, maybe then I’ll try something like riding artisajj or baronette swarm to to S. For now I’ll stick to what I’m good decent at, that being midrange faie and creep cassy.


I am gonna be stuck at Gold 10 with Arcanyst Magmar, trying to somehow win some games with that :'D

Much success, very competitive.


Play Swarm with zyx, Starhorn aggro with Decimus, Vanar midrange with azure herald and hope it will be good enough against reva spell hai in S.


Do the dailies, open more common/rare staples so I can build better decks. Depending on how lucky I get with that I might try going for Diamond.


gonna try millhorn with decimus.(i finally have spelljammers to make it work). i doubt it will get far, but it could be good for some laughs.


Reaching Gold. That’s enough of a challenge for me. If I do reach Gold, I’ll see if I want to try Diamond or meme decks


It can be a good deck but a sure thing is that it won’t mill your opponent ^^


I’ll try to make Zir’An work with the new azure herald, see how Zyx fares in Jaguar Kaleos and Zoo Argeon and grind enough gold to make a non budget Kara deck.

  • Try to climb to S with a new general since i already got there with lilithe :smiley:

  • Definetly trying out decimus in starhorn even if it sucks hard.

  • Dont worry so much and try to learn more.

  • Meet new people :smiley:

  • Get a girlfri… oh wait! You meant in-game challenges!


It’s not a challenge, but I’m going to try to see what I can do with regards to mid-range Vetruvian. I don’t think it’s as good as the Dervet-midrange hybrid, but I’m going to see if there’s anything to discover there.

I’ll also be on my smurf trying to come up with a good budget list for the archetype.


If you want some help with Sajj, here’s a thread on Reddit I made about what I used to reach S rank with her this month.

As for me, now that I reached S rank with my favorite general, I feel like I can just fuck around in the game. Like, you know, Mission Accomplished, You Beat The Elite Four, time for the post-credits content. I’ve been meaning to dip some dust into Magmar and Lyonar, particularly Starhorn.


Convince my brother to pour his spirit into making a Starhorn deck with spelljammers, blazehounds, Decimus, sphynx and visionars with vindicators.

And lots of heals and removal.

As for me I’ll just toy around a bit with a cassy deck then at the last two days complain to Raqyee about every match I play as I try get into Diamond again.


Step 1: Experiment with Sajj

Step 2: Run out of Spirit.

Step 3: Ladder with Vaath

Step 4: Get moar cards

Step 5: Temporarily give up on Sajj to make a healyionar deck with my new cards

Step 6: Return to original waifu and apologize.

Step 7: Meme to hell and back.

Step 8: ???

Step 10: There is no such step.

Step i: Profit.


Finish my god damn swarm abyssian deck. As a completely f2p player that does not disenchat anything, it is taking quite long. I have a half decent swarm deck and half decent cassy deck, but I enjoy the swarm one more so I want to get it done this month


Burn all my spirit and climb to s rank with kara walls hoping i wont regret it much. Try to get better at gauntlet to have enough spirit for the next expansion


I’m going to plunder my spirit reserves, craft a playset of Revenants and play Abyssian on ladder for the first time.


Thanks for the replies everyone :slight_smile: Seems like people are going to be running some interesting decks or in polinchi’s case, meeting interesting people.

@huliganjetta thanks for the link - you’ve inspired me to a) give Grove Lion some love, and b) try to Beat the Elite Four (e.g lead Saji to victory). Good stuff.


Letting my Vetruvian decks rust until the exapansion in hopes of getting some form of re-balance. Deciding whether I should pour my 6k+ spirit reserves into Cassy, I dont even think that’s enough LOL


If it doesn’t happen this month, then hitting S next month (not looking too hopeful right now).

Make it there with Vetruvian, preferably Sajj, even better if I beat the gatekeeper with my Replacetruvian deck.

Getting good at and building a deck for Kaleos, cause I always did like him better.

If I somehow make it through all this stuff, probably will look into a Healyonar deck. Too bad I’ll have to recraft those 3 Holy Immos.