Challenge to win a Digital Backer Bundle from the DotD Matcherino NOW OPEN


Spoiler thread Spoilers for my DotD bundle challenge

We have a winner! Javapython is the first to solve all 18 challenges, congrats! The challenge page will stay up, so feel free to mess around if you feel like it.


Good luck everyone!

I have one extra Digital Backer Bundle to give away, so I thought I’d make a challenge for it, if there’s interest. It will involve solving a bunch of lore questions and Duelyst-related puzzles on a website I’ll make. Please post here if you’re interested, so I’ll know how much time I’ll spend preparing the challenge.

It will most likely go live on September 28th or 29th, with a deadline of October 4th (I have to submit the account to receive the bundle then), or until someone completes all of the puzzles.

If you already have backed for that bundle, there’s not much point in participating, but otherwise it includes:

-Matcherino profile picture

-The DarkJammer skin:

-DotD card back:


So is this going to be a treasure hunt sort of?


I want it pls t2k


it would be funny! :slight_smile:


Yup, you have to solve multiple puzzles of various kinds.


Yeah i’d be interested, even though i am going to be fucked if we have to decrypt sth :smiley:


Ooh, stuff. And puzzles. Count me in.


Darn I didn’t know we could collect alternate art somewhere other than during the kickstarter… I would have jumped in for sure.
So yeah, I’m definitely willing to join :slight_smile:

And if someone wants to sell his code, I’m all ears to that as well (I am rather new so I have been playing and not yet immersed myself in the lore).


The donations to the Matcherino campaign are still open, so you can still go pay to win for the bundle. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah just noticed that myself, because the 8 dollar one was full I assumed it was old stuff :slight_smile:
Got it :slight_smile:


Yeah sure, Ill join. Sounds like fun!


Sounds cool I’ll participate.


I am in, ty ! :heart_eyes:


Sounds fun! I’d like to participate as well. :slight_smile:


Sounds like fun, I wouldn’t even need to incentive of winning something to give it a shot :slight_smile:


I’ll join, I need more than 15 characters to make that clear.


Of course!
15 characters.


Sounds like a fun thing to jump in on :]


I mean, I already backed the darkjammer skin, but hey, this would give me a second darkjammer lol. Sure I’m interested! Why not.


Sign me up! I just got back into Duelyst and I’d love to more card backs and skins!