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[Challenge] Play this Deck


it does as it can remove things :v
also doom is removal as it removes the opponet :sirpenti::ok_hand:


Aha. Remove face.


Yes, replace Ritual or Choking Tendrils with DOOM, then you have a wincon too.


I was bored
TL:DR i didn’t win


Aw, man. I can’t watch it (hits a snag). Well, thanks for doing it anyway. Any highlights to the game?


It’s a match against draw starhorn. i survived through 9 mana threshold and Idk how did i put him down to 5. I was be able to play every card in this deck, except choking tendrills, breath of the unborn and deathmark.


I’m always one for rediculous deck ideas, but I fear this deck relies too much on conditional removal without providing access to those conditions very well.

I’ll likely play a couple games with this deck and then make my own version that works slightly better. We’ll see. You’ll need to give me time to come back with results, I’ll not have time to play for a while.


This reminds me of that time I made an almost all spells vet deck which the “win condition” was, like, chipping them down with Bone Swarm and BoA.

Spellstorm Vetruvian

I’m pretty sure a removal deck is possible. It’ll need a bit of aoe removal like grasp, some creep generation to make munch effective, and a wincon like obliterate.

Meanwhile, congrats on stepping towards the dark side, anjosustrakr. You just might end up joining our abyssian memes.


Read em and weep.
Deck is 100% list that you posted.



Replace chokin tendrils with horrific visage.

add echoing shriek somehow. somehow


I don’t believe it. I can’t.


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Sorry, I haven’t. I still have 0 non-basic non-Mythron Abyssian cards. :wink:


Tell me how it went (I can’t watch :sob: )!


Friend me in game and watch :eyes: should be my most recent one.


It is done. Took me two games, to do it. NO, I’M NOT A BRONZE PLAYER, I SWEAR! :sob:

This was done with the deck provided in the original post without modifications. I got lucky and it was a bronze game, but still, I feel fulfilled by this duelyst experience.



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