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[Challenge] Play this Deck


As you all know, I hate Abyssian. One of the things I hate most about the faction is their ridiculous amount of removal. So I thought it would be fun to see how much removal there actually is. Turns out it’s more than can fit in a deck. But I narrowed it down to the most removally removal:

I realize that this deck is awful. In fact, it is the worst deck idea I have ever come up with.
That’s why I’m not going to make it. :wink:
If one of you could post a replay of playing this exact deck, I would be eternally grateful (and very amused)! And if you somehow manage to win, a glorious reward will come your way. :trophy:

Cassyva ultimate removal

I understand it is a challenge, but how would you win with that?

There is no win condition at all.


Can we atleast add Deso, not the nost Effextive or fastest wincon, but it is a Wincon


Desolator is a very effective wincon, and no.


True. That’s why I said

I have no expectation of that ever happening. I just want to see the deck played. :wink:


2-4 dmg per turn aint anything efective


You know nothing, Jon Snow.


You are speaking to an Abyss memelord, do you understand the weight of your situation?


Obviously you are no memelord if you refuse to play this deck.

See what I did there? :wink:


I never said I refuse tho, I will try it, i just asked if there could be a wincon added, you are lucky I am low silver now (or am i lucky?)


There actually is a wincon. You keep removing the opponent’s best minions and they get so frustrated that they commit suicide.


Also, for the deck, I dont see Munch/Choking tendrils working EVER


Neither do I. But I do see your stalling tactics for what they really are. :wink:


Basically the only way to win with this is somehow putting your opponent in top docking and slowing winning. Its possible but it will never happen


the lack of doom in this deck dissapoints me :v


If I had had more space…

Alas, 40 card limit. :sob:


remove choking tendrils, problem solved :sirpenti:


OR we can remove ritual banishing which is useless in a deck with 9 minions and add obliterate/doom instead.

I won’t play a deck without even remote chance of winning.


Sure, do that. I don’t care. As long as the deck still has 100% removal, change it however you wish.


Does Obliterate count as removal?

Spectral Blade?
Shadow Nova?