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[Challenge] Help Me Make Cascading Gambit a Reality!


cascadin gambit is one of the few meme decks I can claim to play well. Here’s a fairly decent list based off of what I run.

Now obviously araki is a very poor addition to any Magmar deck. We don’t have the positional tools to suddenly bring it up front, and playing it as an opening drop is useless. It’s incredibly hard to make work, eats far more removal than you can imagine, takes a while to scale up, and is useless in the late game. In the early game, with so much removal? pffftttt. It’s a great idea gone wrong.

Now for some memes, you could toss the very sane and useful and practical golem package, for the prophet of the white palm and araki combo, which is equally retarded, and useless against transform. I don’t recommend it, but you could make a deck like this:

Now araki is frankly going to sit unused in your hand all day long, and it takes a great deckbuilder to make use of him, and another faction. Unless you really commit, and drop a buff on him, which is basically just asking for him to get dispelled even faster. Or removed. Whichever comes first. So I don’t believe in making a deck that would only support araki. Instead, a deck that is functional before memey is far better(which is just about any midrange magmar build)

some other shit if you want to read it.

A few card choices from my lists:

Clearly spelljammer is far better. However I commit to RNG, and I commit to RNG hard. So I can tell you that the one time this card gave me a goddamn fractal and kraigon, I went nuts. I also screwed over a nutty grow chirpuka madness deck with it. And I’ve gotten plenty of useful cards. Especially Rizen, who makes for some sick memes against eggmar decks. Anyhow, use it. Plus its opening gambit synergy. Best four drop for opening gambit.


for that ramped out grimes. Ramp grimes whenever you can. You usually get a decent body. Plus there are those nutty worldcore lethals he gives you every now and then. (While I’m on that, grimes and cascading is usually difficult to pull off. cascading is far better on lkian, or a lavaslasher. Lavaslasher gives you either a makantor or an armada, or a visionar. all of which are useful. sister gives you some other decent drops. THen again most magmar 5 drops are good.)

Tech because you have such little ping

And no selection? Selection isn’t all that useful anyway.

I also had armada in my original list. It’s useful for burst lethals et etc. Nice card. HIgh curve. and mag already has two good 6 drops, not to mention the fact that u have grimes as well.

Why you should buy L'kian

While I can’t claim to have gotten teh greatest gimes cascade plays since the combo rarely works out, I can claim to say that L’kian is very good.(And grimes even game a worldcore and a little elder once)



I want to live your life.


You can’t buy L’kian. :wink:

Lies. Watch my replay:

Thanks for the other decklists, BTW. I’ll try them out.


Armada is really a 7 drop in disguise tho :stuck_out_tongue: you basically never play it without an active bbs


true dat.

Since I require fifteen damn characters, here's the recipe for magmar omelettes,

The ingredients

Top chef Gordon Ramsay shows you how to make the perfect vegetarian omelette. Starting with the ingredients!

Serves: 1
Takes: About 10 mins

8-10 cherry tomatoes 1tbsp olive oil Sea salt and black pepper 3 large eggs Handful of mixed herbs, such as flat leaf parsley, chives and chervil, chopped

Next: Step 1 – Fry the tomatoes

Step 1: Fry the tomatoes

Gently frying the sweet cherry tomatoes in olive oil is the first step in this omelette recipe

Step 1:
Halve the cherry tomatoes or cut into quarters and place in a bowl. Heat the olive oil in a non-stick omelette pan and tip in the tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper and fry over a medium heat for 1-2 minutes until the tomatoes are just soft but still retaining their shape.

Next: Step 2 – Chop the herbs

Step 2: Chop the herbs

Fresh herbs give this easy omelette real flavour – and colour

Step 2:
Chop the fresh mixed herbs and scatter them over the frying cherry tomatoes.

Next: Step 3 – Beat the eggs

Step 3: Beat the eggs

Because you can’t make an omelette without beating eggs!

Step 3:
While the tomatoes are gently frying, lightly beat the eggs in a bowl.

Next: Step 4 – Add the eggs

Step 4: Add the eggs

For the next step, add the beaten eggs to your other ingredients

Step 4:
Pour the beaten eggs into the frying pan, over the tomatoes and herbs.

Next: Step 5 – Stir the mixture

Step 5: Stir the mixture

Cook the eggs together with the tomatoes and herbs

Step 5:
Quickly stir and shake the pan to distribute the eggs and ensure they cook evenly. When they are almost set, take the pan off the heat.

Next: Step 6 – Remove from the pan

Step 6: Remove from the pan

Use a spatula to fold and lift your cooked omelette from the frying pan

Step 6:
Fold the omelette, using a heatproof spatula to lift one edge and tipping the pan slightly to make it easier to fold over.

Next: Step 7 – Serve

Step 7: Serve

Gordon Ramsay’s herb omelette, done!

Step 7:
Slide the omelette onto a warm plate and serve immediately.

Read more at https://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/gordon-ramsay-s-herb-omelette#jCBj0WezcU9wtwLu.99


You do know that only the last link works, right?


presumably because the others were in-page links


I thought it couldn’t be targeted by spells


After EMP it could.

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